Day 762 of retirement working

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Hi All

Wednesday 27th May:

My weekend (Tuesday & Wednesday) and I spend it with an inflamed sty in my eye. Went to the doctor today and got some drops which help.

Oooohhh well I get to partake in a few shows on my Netflix subscription.

Thursday 28th May:

Back to work and we have a new employee Rob. I am no longer at the end of the food chain where I get all the “good” jobs.

Felt really weird where he gets to do all the “good” jobs now (part of his induction training…..). I get to do all the “better” jobs now. Still the oldest one there and the fittest…….

Sunday 31st May:

After work I caught the bus into the city to meet up with Guy, Lorna and Dave for dinner at the BBQ King for our favorite Peking Duck.

Lorna is an old friend of Guy’s from Marinduque (Philippines) and Guy had a little bit of a hand in the matchmaking role in Lorna and Dave (Dave works where Guy does) getting together. We had our usual awesome Peking Duck dinner then wandered up north of the city to Circular Quay to see the Vivid Light Festival.

The Vivid Festival is a light show on the front of buildings and structures and set to music. The Museum of Contemporary Art, The Old Customs House and the Opera House are all lit up by a 20 minute ish light show that is awesome. There are other parts of the city that are part of the festival as well.

Apart from the wall to wall people it was pretty dam good show.

After several hours wandering and enjoying the light show followed by a nice Chai Latte, Dave & Lorna dropped us home.

Tuesday 2nd June:

Off to have a look at a very nice Audi S3 (2002 model) for my nephew Simon who lives in Adelaide. He spied this car online and wanted me to have a look, as he is interested in buying it.

I meet Scott the owner in Kirribilli and had a good look at the car. Not bad for 13 years old. Only has 81,000km on the clock and is in very good condition. Once inspected I passed all the info on to Simon for him to consider.

Wednesday 3rd June:

After Guy finished work I meet her and Wayne (Old friend) at the Mosman Pub for dinner. It has been quite a while since we have seen Wayne so it was great to catch up once again.

Wayne is a mature aged apprentice doing the Electrician ticket. It’s something he always wanted to do so three years ago he embarked on this life path.

He only has one more year ish to go and he will be qualified.

Monday 8th June:

Picked up Simon (My Nephew from Adelaide) from the airport last night as he is staying with us for a couple of nights.

He has decided to purchase the second hand Audi S3 I looked at for him last week.

After brunch down at Dee Why Beach, Sim and I made our way to Balgowlah (10 minutes up the road) to do the deal on the car. After a test drive and all the paper work, Simon has his “new” car.

Once back at Dee Why Guy joined us and we drove up to Palm Beach (30km away) for ice creams all round and to give the car a run. The car was all good as Simon is driving it back to Adelaide tomorrow.

Simon has himself a very nice little car and very happy.

Friday 12th June:

Well I am now back on the bottom of the ladder again. The new guy we hired didn’t work out so back to square one.

So if you know of somebody who wants to work in the battery business with a great small team (Weekend work included) let me know.

Sunday 14th June:

After work Guy and I made our way across town to catch up with good friends Lisa, Mark & Kylie. They are my old mountain biking buddies from days gone by.

It was pizza’s all around at a great pizza restaurant just down the road form Lisa’s place. Always good to see these guys and gals and catch up for a chin wag.

Tuesday 23rd June:

Into the city today to have a look at the new Leica Boutique camera shop in King Street ( Had a good chat to the manager as I am currently looking at the new Leica Q camera.

The first delivery was sold out and the second delivery (due in a week or so) looks like there maybe one camera not spoken for.

We shall see……..

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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