Day 943 of retirement working

December 23, 2015

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Hi All

Wednesday 11th November:

On the bus into the city today and it was full of “older” folk (Remembrance day).

Great to see the younger generation giving up their seats for these folks.

But nobody offered me a seat. I was offended at first.

But then maybe I don’t look “old” so it was really a compliment….. 🙂

After a meeting with Guy and her Super Fund to finalize her TTR (Transition to Retirement), I went for a walk through the Botanical Gardens as the rain had cleared.

The flowers were all out in bloom and looking very fresh after the rain.

Thursday 12th November:

After work it was off to Kirribilli and “The Mad Italian” restaurant for a catch-up with my old “Ducati” riding mates and some awesome pizza.

Great to see the old gang and catch up. The hit of the night was the dessert pizzas (Nutella pizza was pretty damn good).

And the highlight of the night was we got to wave to Charles and Camilla as they drove past (with a huge police escort). They were at a function at Government House just around the corner from us.

Sunday 29th November:

Broke off a piece of my rear tooth today. I knew as soon as I did it. Not eating anything special. It just broke.

Off to the dentist this week to get it fixed. Doesn’t hurt and isn’t tender so doesn’t bother me.

Tuesday 1st December:

First day of summer and it was a hot one. Still went for my walk down to Dee Why Beach. Came back past the Stony Range Park. The cicadas were in full song. Deafening.

Wednesday 2nd December:

I HATE Dentist visits. Just had my broken tooth fixed and now have the “fat face”. All good as all fixed now.

I must say that the dentist I saw today was very good. He set me at ease by explaining what he was doing and doing it very thoroughly and quickly.

I am officially a pensioner now. I got my first TTR (Transition To retirement) pension payment today.

Also have my salary sacrifice sorted with Battery World.

Thursday 10th December:

Brush with fame again today. Simon Westaway from Underbelly (Domenic “Mick” Gatto). Really nice guy. We all had a good old chat with him.

Tuesday 15th December:

Back to the dentist today for a thorough clean. Long over due. Only one more visit in January to fix some old fillings and I’m done with dentists.

Wednesday 16th December:

Wild storms round Sydney at the moment. Early afternoon I saw one coming on the weather radar so decided to go for a walk and witness it down at the beach.

I threw on my old Gortex hiking jacket and weathered the storm at the beach. I was the only one crazy enough to be out in the storm but managed to get a few pics with my waterproof Olympus TG4 camera.

Wednesday 23rd December:

The rain has finally stopped after a drenching. I guess we shouldn’t complain, as rain is better than bushfires.

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Year along with many new adventures in 2016.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy