Day 1009 of retirement working

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Hi All

Thursday 25th February:

Back to work today for us both. Aaaahhhhh what we wouldn’t give to be back on our island.

We had a brownout tonight that lasted for an hour ish (9:30pn to 10:30pm). Felt like being back on the island.

Saturday 27th February:

A real scare at work today. A father and daughter came in to have the daughter’s car battery checked.

After testing the battery I asked the daughter to start the car to test the alternator. As she attempted to start the car it was in gear and she lurched forward crushing her dad’s legs against the shop wall.

She managed to start the car quickly and back off. The old first aid training kicked in and I lay the father down and stabilized him while we rang for an ambulance.

An ambulance was quickly on the scene. After a check over it was determined that nothing was broken but the farther was going to have two very sore legs tomorrow. Thanks goodness for plastic bumper bars, is all I can say.

Sunday 28th February:

Okay here is the second set of photos from our Philippines’ holiday.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy



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