Day 1049 of retirement working

April 6, 2016

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Hi All

Wednesday 2nd March:

Had a bit of a sleep-in after Guy was off to work. Got up at about 8:45am and was ready to face the day when it hit me. It felt like somebody had hit me full force across the lower back with a red-hot baseball bat.

I couldn’t stand up without supporting myself and was in some awful pain. After 15 minutes I knew something wasn’t right so called Guy at work to come pick me up and cart me off to hospital.

It became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the car let alone get in, she called an ambulance. The paramedics were great and got me into the ambulance and off to Manly Hospital.

Upon arrival all the usual checks were done to see if it was a stroke or the like but it all pointed to a back / disk issue. At 4:00pm I had an MRI, which showed I had a bulging disk in my lower back. The MRI showed that the rest of my spine / disks were all good, which was good news.

I spent the evening and half the night walking up and down the corridors with a walker, as this was the only thing that alleviated the pain. The painkillers helped but didn’t take the pain away, only dulled it.

Thursday 3rd March:

After a restless night I was feeling a little better this morning. I saw the doctor and the physio and it was decided that I was okay to go home (Midday). At home I was still on the painkillers but after a nice hot shower and cup of tea, I felt human again.

A very easy day was had by all.

Monday 7th March:

After 3 days rest, I made my way back to work today. I didn’t do any heavy lifting and concentrated on answering the phone and counter sales.

It felt pretty good as I find that standing and walking are the most comfortable positions to be in.

Tuesday 8th March:

Start of my 2 days off so all good. Had a doctor’s appointment this morning for a check up and all clear. So time to rest up for the next few days and back to work on Thursday.

Sunday 27th March:

The back is all good and recovered very nicely. Just got to watch what I do.

Off to Ribs & Rumps in Manly for some awesome spare ribs with Guy. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream followed for desert.

Tuesday 29th March:

Off to the city to pickup my new toy. A Fuji 100-400mm zoom lens for my Fuji XT-1. Totally at the other end of the spectrum from my Leica Q with the 28mm lens.

Rained most of the day so only had a few minutes to shoot at Dee Why beach to try out the lens. Very impressed so far.

Wednesday 30th March:

Back into the city to pick up the TC 1.4 teleconvertor for my new lens as they had to get it in.

Then a wander round the Opera House area and snapped a few pics with the new lens. It is going to take a bit of getting used to shooting with a long zoom lens but all good.

Wednesday 6th April:

Playing with my new 100-400m Fuji zoom lens. It is taking a bit of getting used to but I am starting to get a few good pics now.

Just got to use it heaps to learn how to shoot long again.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy