Day 1084 of retirement working

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Hi All

Monday 25th April:

ANZAC Day. We shall remember them. All the men, women and animals that have served this great country we live in.

Awoke to our hot water system springing a leak. Managed to find the tap and turn the gusher off. Only a trickle now.

Rang the Rheem hotline and they will get back to me tomorrow (public holiday today) with a time to replace the old system.

Guy and I are off to the city for a wander round the Barangaroo Park then off to Darling Harbor for some awesome pork spareribs.

Back home for a nice cup of tea and afternoon nap.

Wednesday 27th April:

The plumber arrived at 9:30am and we hit the first hurdle. I needed the key to the meter room to switch off the hot water system power. Barbara (from unit 6) has a key but she was in Brisbane.

I rang the strata and they didn’t have a key. So as a last resort I rang the electrician whose sticker was on the door. And yes they had a key and would drop by in an hour. All good.

The Rheem plumber prepared the old unit for removal and the new one for installation in the mean time. The electrician turned up and all sorted. Three hours later a nice new hot water system was all installed.

The plumber also sorted out the plumbing and repositioned the new system so it would be much easier to service the unit in the future.

Thursday 11th May:

Quiet month this month.

Enjoying this Indian summer weather. Great for my walks along the beach and coastal cliffs.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


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