Day 1379 of retirement working

January 3, 2017

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Hi All

Huge happy New Year to you one and all. May you have many great new and exciting adventures in 2017.

Tuesday 22nd November:

Had a bit of and accident yesterday at work where I ran over one of my toes (Left foot next to big toe) with a trolley with steel wheels. Stung a bit at the time but wasn’t too bad.

I woke up this morning with on very black toe. Not sore unless I knock it. So only a short slow walk today.

Sunday 27th November:

At work today I served a guy and sold him a marine battery. The conversation is as follows.

Him: So you from South Australia?

Me: Yep how did you know.

Him: The accent as I work down in Adelaide from time to time.

Me: I’m actually from the Eyre Peninsula.

Him: Really. Where?

Me: Cummins.

Him: Wow do you know the Holman’s?

Me: The ones from Cockaleechie?

Him: Yep they are the ones (good friends of his). I was talking to them only this morning.

Small world.

Sunday 25th December:

Huge Merry Xmas to you one and all.

Packed up and off to Canberra at 1:00pm to see the gang for a few days. Had a very lovely relaxing dinner.

Monday 26th December:

Relaxing morning. Guy and I took Zali shopping for the day’s supplies. Surprisingly not to many people out and about so a very pleasant experience.

Rather hot (30C) so an afternoon siesta was the order of the day.

Heard from Marinduque that Typhoon Nina has hit the island full on. Lots of damage but all our friends are safe and sound.

Tuesday 27th December:

Left Canberra at midday for the drive back to Sydney. Busy on the road but made good time.

Social media is just now posting pics of the devastation on Marinduque. Just so much destruction and it looks like the whole island has suffered.

Saturday 31st December:

Quiet New Years Eve. Guy and I walked to the beach for fish and chips while waiting for the 9:00pm fireworks.

The 9:00pm fire works came and went and was very impressive.

Sunday 1st January 2017:

Up and off to Canberra once again. Was only Guy and I as Jordan stayed behind after some excess celebrating last night.

Made good time as very little traffic.

Monday 2nd January 2017:

Leisurely exhausting day keeping up with a 4 year old.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017:

The gang dropped me off at the bus station as I headed back to Sydney ready for work on Thursday. Guy is staying on till the weekend for the birth of grandchild number two.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy