Day 1426 of retirement working

February 19, 2017

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Hi All

Sunday 5th February:

After work, it was pre-packing time. Baggage restrictions on the flight mean that each person can only have 14kg check in and 7kg carry on.

So with all my camera gears and clothes, I managed to get them all in the two carry on backpacks and the rest of our stuff in the check in bags.

Monday 6th February:

We both worked today so packing was finalized tonight.

Tuesday 7th February:

Up and off to the airport. The normal 1 hour trip took us 2 hours with all the roadworks happening. Then a huge storm hit the airport closing it for a while. Flights were cancelled but luckily ours was okay. It was 1 hour late leaving which is okay.

Then for the first 30 minutes in the flight we had to fly through the storm so it was extremely rough. At one stage the whole plane just dropped which scared the crap out of everybody.

The last half of the flight was okay so all good.

After checking in to our apartment we booked our dinner, hire bikes for the week (Only way to get around) and bought some supplies. Four pieces of fruit cost us $10.00. Mmmmmm no Aldi here.

Finished off the day with a stunning meal at the Anchorage overlooking the bay.

Wednesday 8th February:

Order of the day was sleep-in, breakfast, walk to Ned’s Beach, bike to Pinetrees resort to book our meal for the 14th February (7th Wedding anniversary), lunch, siesta, back to Ned’s Beach and light dinner in the apartment.

Thursday 9th February:

Tried to book a restaurant for dinner tonight and was told they are shut. They have run out of food. They are waiting for the fortnightly delivery boat to arrive on Saturday. One of the challenges of island living.

Off on a 4km walk up to the Malabar Lookout. We were a little late starting so it was quite hot and humid. We hit the dizzy height of 209m.

After a light lunch it was shower and siesta time before an awesome dinner once again at the Anchorage restaurant.

Friday 10th February:

Guy was a little weary after the mountain climb yesterday so she decided on a rest day.

I grabbed my bike and went exploring down south of the island for the morning. Awesome views and some hills to climb when I went hiking.

Siesta after lunch and then I went to Ned’s Beach for a while chasing the local bird life.

Dinner was at The Beach House on the Moon.

Saturday 11th February:

We went down to the main wharf in the morning to see the Island Trader unloading. This is the fortnightly cargo ship that brings all the supplies to the island to sustain the inhabitants and tourists.

Then brunch at the Museum café followed by a cycle down south past the airport to the Golf Club. Back home after purchasing a few supplies and siesta time.

After siesta we made our way to Ned’s Beach where Guy fed the fish.

Dinner was in the apartment tonight after our big brunch. A walk down to the main beach followed by a nice Chai Latte watching the sun go down was a fitting end to the day.

Sunday 12th February:

Leisurely morning as we had a glass bottom boat turtle tour booked from 1:00pm – 4:30pm.

The tour highlight was all the huge turtles we saw. Some surfaced close to the boat while others we resting on the bottom. Afternoon tea on North Bay Beach topped off the afternoon. Then a very nice Sunday roast at the Anchorage.

Monday 13th February:

Rained most of the day so we decided to rest up. A quick walk to the shops for some supplies followed by a short walk to Ned’s Beach between showers was the order of the day.

Dinner was in our apartment and consisted of fresh bread, cheese and pickles, yummy.

Tuesday 14th February:

Huge happy 7th wedding anniversary / Valentines Day to my beautiful wife Guy. We have been together for 12 years and married for the last 7 years. It’s been one huge awesome adventure and we have many more adventures in front of us. Love my Guy.

I got up “early” (6:30am) this morning and hiked up to Malabar Point (685 feet) and sat on the edge of the cliff photographing the Red-tailed Tropicbirds. Awesome just sitting there watching these birds navigate the winds.

Guy wandered into the supply shop and topped up for the next few days. A nice Chai Latte gave her the energy to fulfill her shopping requirements.

Dinner was at the Pinetrees Resort tonight. Awesome food to go with the even more awesome company.

Wednesday 15th February:

Off for a one-hour massage each for Guy and I this morning. And very nice it was.

After lunch it was back to Ned’s Beach for the afternoon and feeding of the fish once again.

Dinner was in our apartment tonight feasting on some goodies we bought at the shops today.

Thursday 16th February:

After a leisurely breakfast I headed off to explore the Old Settlement Beach area while Guy got back to her book. I was back by lunchtime and we enjoyed a light lunch in the apartment.

After lunch we made our way back to Ned’s Beach with the beach umbrella for an afternoon of rest and relaxation.

Back to the apartment, showered and off to the Bowling Club for dinner.

Friday 17th February:

Off for brunch at the Museum café. On the way back it was time to drop off our bikes after 10 days of cruising the island on our trusty steeds.

A nice afternoon siesta and back to Ned’s Beach to feed the fish for one last time. Now the fish get quite aggressive when you are feeding them. Well, today one actually bit my leg. The bite broke the skin and I now have a lovely bite mark on my leg.

Our last dinner was at our favorite restaurant, The Anchorage.

Saturday 18th February:

Up and packed as we leave this little piece of paradise today. Our flight is for 3:40pm so we dropped our luggage in the transit room (A small fully furnished room set aside for travelers waiting for flights) and made our way to The Anchorage for brunch.

A wander down to the beach, back to the apartment and chilled in the garden till our transport arrive to take us to the airport. We were about 30 minutes late leaving Lord Howe and when we reached Sydney we had to circle for 20 minutes before we could land.

Picked up the car from the long term car park and back home tired but refreshed.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 1353 of retirement working

February 5, 2017

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Hi All

Huge happy New Year to you one and all. May you have many great new and exciting adventures in 2017.

Wednesday 4th January:

Baby Aria came into the world at 12:45pm today in Canberra. All are doing well.

Guy is staying in Canberra till Sunday, the 8th to be with the gang in these exciting times.

Sunday 8th January:

Guy drove back home to Sydney today arriving at midday. Aria and the gang came home from hospital yesterday so Guy was able to see them back home before leaving.

Thursday 20th January:

Caught up with Rik and Mike (who are visiting Sydney from Adelaide) in Newtown for a very lovely Thai dinner.

Thursday 26th January:

Huge happy Australia Day to one and all. Guy and I wandered down to Dee Why Beach for brunch and to take in the festivities.

Guy packed up and drove to Canberra till Sunday to be with our new grand daughter, Aria. Sadly I have to work so home alone for a few days.

Sunday 5th February:

Surviving the hot weather. January was the hottest month ever recorded in Sydney. February isn’t looking much better.

Tuesday Guy and I are off to Lord Howe Island for 10 days’ holiday. Looking forward to it as it is a little cooler out in the island.

Life is good

Trevor & Guy