Day 1430 of retirement working

April 9, 2017

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Hi All

Tuesday 21st February:

Well today I finally disposed of all my mountaineering gear after it has sat idle for the last 9 years. I did keep my ice axe, harness and hardware for old times sake. Just not much call for thermals, crampons, -40C sleeping bag and gortex jackets on a tropical island.

I have donated it all to World Expeditions who will give it to the sherpas in Nepal.

I did a number of trips with World Expeditions to the mountains and their sherpas are well looked after and helped me on numerous occasions when I was struggling.

Must say it was sad to see it go but it is going to good homes.

I still have all the photos and memories of my adventures in the mountains.

Tuesday 21st March:

Caught up with an old friend Wayne for dinner. A little bit jealous as he is about to head off on a five months fishing/camping/hiking holiday in USA, Canada and Alaska.

Wednesday 5th April:

Jordan has now been working at Harvey Normans in Belrose for the last two months in the electronics section (Computers, printers, etc.). He is enjoying it and is the top salesman in his department so he is off to a good start.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.