Day 1462 of retirement working

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Hi All

Tuesday 11th April:

Off to the doctor today as I have had a stiff left shoulder for the last couple of months. Turns out I have a frozen shoulder (stiffness, pain, and limited range of movement in your shoulder).

I had a scan and x-ray and have to go back after Easter to have a look at results. Doesn’t bother me too much. Just annoying when I over stretch it.

The joys of getting old…er.

Sunday 16th April:

Packed up and off to Canberra to see the gang for a few days. Good run down (No traffic) but the cops where out in force (Double demerits points).

Tuesday 18th April:

Packed up and back to Sydney. Sadly there was a fatal accident out from Goulburn, which delayed us by an hour as the highway was reduced to one lane in both directions.

Wednesday 19th April:

Back to the doctor today to have a look at the ultrasound and x-ray results on my left shoulder.

Appears I have three issues.

  1. Frozen Shoulder. Shoulder capsule thickening.
  2. A small tear in the shoulder capsule ligaments.
  3. A subacromial Shoulder pain that is usually related to shoulder impingement of your bursa between your rotator cuff tendons and bone (acromion).

Back to the doctor next week for a cortisone injection into my shoulder. It’s not too bad and only bothers me when I over extend.

Wednesday 26th April:

No walk today. Guy and I are in the wars.
Guy has bronchitis (is on drugs) and laid up on the couch.
After an x-ray and scan last week it was discovered I have a Frozen Shoulder (Shoulder capsule thickening and a tear). So back to the doc today for a cortisone injection into my shoulder joint. And I hate needles.
Getting old sucks. Not as robust as we used to be.

Wednesday 3rd May:

Picked my sister Lyn from the other side of town and took her up to the Kuringai National Park to photograph some of the local flora (Lyn is from WA).

It rained the whole time we were there but with the aid of rain jackets and a large umbrella each, we still managed to get some great pics.

We picked up Guy after work and were back to Pia (Lyn’s daughter) and Benji’s (Son in law) place for dinner and a catch-up. Was great to see them all especially as Pia is very pregnant and due in July.

Tuesday 16th May:

Back to Myrna, (Aloha massage) for some work on my shoulder today. She does an awesome job on freeing up the old shoulder.

Wednesday 24th May:

Well retirement Part II is upon us. Guy and I have both handed in our resignations. I finish up on Friday 16th June and Guy on Friday 23rd June.

With a couple of weeks to tidy up in Sydney, it will be off into the wild blue yonder traveling round Australia for a year or so.

Stay tuned for the final plans of our travels before heading back to Marinduque in the Philippines for our final retirement.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


One Response to Day 1462 of retirement working

  1. Christine Bennison says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Enjoy your retirement (part 2). I hope you have a great trip around this wonderful country and enjoy a long retirement.

    Christine B

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