Day 17 of retirement

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Hi All

Wednesday 14th June:

My 4-year project has finally come to an end.

Over the last 4 years I set myself the task of scanning all my old photo album pics so I could finally get rid of the big bulky albums.

*** Task completed….

Friday 16th June:

Day 1 of retirement….
Well yesterday (Friday 16th) at 5:00pm I finished up work with Battery World (going to miss that place) and commenced retirement (Part 2). Guy finishes up next Friday and after a week or two to finalise everything here in Sydney we are off on a road trip round Australia.
On the big trip round we hope to catch-up with a few of you for a cup of tea / Coke. The aim is to spend the next year-ish travelling round AUS then back to the Philippines to build our house and settle into island life. All this is completely flexible so who knows where it will lead us. We are both looking forward to this great new adventure……

Friday 23rd June:

Day 7 of retirement…

Well one week has gone by and I must say that it feels weird. It feels like I am on holidays and I have to go back to work next week.

I’m sure this will pass……

Monday 26th June:

Guy’s first day of retirement. No more work for her, or so she thought. Today we spent the day going through all our clothes and in the end gave away almost as much as we have kept. She also sorted all her photos to give to Jo and Jordan and some for me to scan.
Time for a cup of tea and a lay down…..

Monday 2nd July:

Been a leisurely week. Time spent finalising our departure, doing very little and playing tourists in Sydney.

We made our way back to the Barbeque King’s new restaurant in the city. All very new and the Peking duck is still the best Peking duck in the world.

I have also managed to catch a case of the man flu. But I must admit it is kind of nice to not have to worry about taking sickies from work and being able to just rest up including afternoon naps – siestas, ah…….

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


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