Day 46 of retirement

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Hi All

Friday 28th July:

Spent the day exploring Forbes. First stop was the McFeeters Motor Museum. This is a very impressive private motor museum.

It houses 64 cars (All run except 2) and 25 motorbikes. Of the cars 44 are owned by the museum and 20 are on loan from other collectors. Of the bikes 2 are owned by the museum and the rest are on loan from other collectors.

The range of cars and bikes is the best I have ever seem and our guide gave us a 10-minute talk on the history of some of the vehicles. Definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

Then into town and we did the Heritage walk looking at the old original buildings. This was followed by a walk (for you Sandy) along the Lachlan River in the afternoon sun.

Final visit was the Forbes historical museum. Lots of stuff from the old original days of Forbes. Even saw some of the old stuff I grew up with.

That evening we planned our next two weeks route and made some bookings.

Saturday 29th July:

Left Forbes this morning on our way to Narromine, a lovely little country town out from Dubbo.

The first stop was “The Dish” (Radio telescope) outside of Parkes. This is the dish that featured in the Australian movie The Dish. Awesome place to visit and see the history of the radio telescope. Also sat through three 10 minute 3D presentations on the planets and space. Recommended visit if you’re in the area.

Arrived at Narromine and staying in a great cabin next door to the airport. We discovered that they have an awesome private aviation museum walking distance from the caravan park.

In the museum they have the only replica (in the world) of a fully flying Wright Brothers plane. It is a copy of the third plane they made. The guide gave us the full history of the building of the plane and then flying it. Another recommended visit if you’re in the area.

Monday 31st July:

Left Narromine as we headed to Gulargambone via Trangie, Warren and Gilgandra. It rained all the way, which the farmers welcome as it is very dry here this year. Gave the car a good wash as well.

Arrive at 2:00pm ish and settled into the cabin as the rain showers passed us by. At 4:30pm the park owner put on a damper and home made soup in front of a roaring camp fire for all the people staying in the park. It was very yummy.

Also our first stay where we had no Internet or mobile phone signal.

Tuesday 1st August:

Left Gulargambone (In a pea soup fog) on our way to Lightning Ridge for a 3-day stay via Coonamble and Walgett. Nice easy run and arrived at 1:00pm ish.

After a very yummy lunch it was off to the “Chambers of the Black Hand” mine. Now this mine is over 100 years old and in the last 18 years a local man has carved some 700+ figures in the walls of the mine. Some are tiny (Fit in your hand) and some are huge (The Buddha). It is a pretty awesome place.

A drive round the town checking out a few landmarks then settled in our luxurious cabin for a quiet evening.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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