Day 65 of retirement

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Hi All

Saturday 12th August:

Catch up day today. For brunch we met Grace and Wayne who we first met on Marinduque many years ago. They now live in Brisbane.

Then met Karen and Noel for dinner who are originally from Sydney and now living in the sunshine state.

A stroll along the Queens Street Mall on the way home in the balmy evening air finished a great day.

Sunday 13th August:

Started the day with a river cruise for 1.5 hours. Very interesting to see and hear about the landmarks along the river.

Then a stroll over to the Botanical Gardens for a bite to eat and wander.

As we were having high tea at Alina and Alan’s place at 3:00pm we decided to walk there (across the city). Bit of a mistake as it was rather further than anticipated. But we made it and Alina and Alan had an awesome high tea ready for us. Had a great chat and catch up.

Alina was my old boss back in SA many years ago in my old Civica life.

Monday 14th August:

Left sunny Brisbane and headed for Buderim which is an hour drive north. Stayed the night with very old friends Todd and Kristy and Jess and Hayden. Hayden and Jess were a little on the ill side so they had a day home from school.

So for the afternoon we figured the best medicine for the kids was to go to Mooloolaba Beach in the balmy sea breeze. Worked a treat.

Great to catch up for a good old chin wag.

Tuesday 15th August:

Left the gang in Buderim and made our way to Pomona some 45 minute drive north. Meet up with Mike and Gaye, old climbing buddies from one of my Nepal expeditions. Great to see them and their beautiful house in the bush with sweeping views of Mount Pomona.

Two hours drive and we are at Hervey Bay or more precisely Urangan. We are here for the next three nights and are staying in this awesome Airbnb townhouse right on the beachfront. Very new (Only 2 years old) and just a little luxurious.

Wednesday 16th August:

Back from Whale watching and man am I glad to be home. You see I get seasick easily so this morning I took a tablet before we left. The cruise was for 5 hours and as it turned out it was rough. Like hang onto the handrails rough.
I was okay for the first hour then it hit me. Trying to balance on a pitching rolling boat while trying to hold a camera set me off. I spent the rest of the cruise sitting in the breeze staring at the horizon.
I certainly wasn’t alone and at least I didn’t vomit. Man was I glad to set foot on dry land again.
But I must say the whales were spectacular. Coming right up to the boat and breaching just in front of the boat.
If you have good sea legs do it. If not get the video.
PS: I managed one half decent whale pic.

Thursday 17th August:

Off to Fraser Island for the day on a 4×4 tour. Had to endure two Barge crossings but the sea was calm so all good.

Very interesting to hear all the history of the island and see the magnificent sights. Our driver drove faster than he could talk so we weren’t late for lunch and the barge. Interesting ride at times.

Friday 18th August:

Sadly we had to leave our awesome Airbnb behind and headed for Kingaroy. A three hour drive and we arrived at our cabin in the Kingaroy Holiday Park. After unpacking Guy was browsing some local restaurants and found Cassis’s that boasted stunning views of the valley with equally stunning food.

Rang and confirmed and out we went. Well it was worth the trip. Awesome food with sweeping views of the valley was enjoyed by all.

Back into town and a quick stop for a few supplies then settled in for a relaxing late afternoon.

Saturday 19th August:

Off for a drive today (120km round trip) to the Bunya National Park outside Kingaroy. Freezing cold and blowing a gale when we arrived. So brunch by a roaring wood fire was the answer.

After brunch we rugged up and went for the 4km scenic walk round the top of the mountain. Wasn’t too bad in the trees on the side of the mountain. Once we hit the parking lot again the wind hit us again. Nice quiet drive home and Chinese take away for dinner.

At 7:00pm we arrived at the Kingaroy Observatory for a night under the stars. Jim Bradley, owner and astronomer, has 3 large telescopes set up under a sliding roof on the building. He explains what your looking at and then we all get to view it through the telescope.

We saw Jupiter and 4 of its moon, the hamburger galaxy, cluster of stars (forgot the proper name), 2 nebulae, the swan and butterfly and the most fantastic one, the planet Saturn complete with rings.

It was rather cold but Jim had a box full of blankets for all the guests so we survived.

Sunday 20th August:

Left Kingaroy for a 540km (6 hours) drive to Rockhampton this morning (our longest so far). We decided to take the A3 (Australia Country Way) instead of the A1 (National Highway). It is a bit longer but it is a scenic drive through the Queensland countryside dotted with small country towns. And the best bit is that there is NO traffic on it.

Arrived in Rockhampton at 2:00pm and checked into a very nice cabin.

Now Rockhampton is supposed to be the beef capital of Australia so it was off into town to try a steak. Found a great old hotel (Criterion Hotel) to try a steak. They didn’t disappoint as we had a great steak dinner.

Had our first GPS black hole today in the middle of nowhere. Google maps was doing great on the A3 when all of a sudden it told us take a road going away from the A3 signs. So we went with our gut and stayed on the signed road.

For the next 20km Google maps was all over the place telling us to go right then left when nothing was there. It just couldn’t lock on.

Then as I crested a hill Google maps found the way again and confirmed we were on the A3. Weird….

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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