Day 134 of retirement

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Hi All

Sunday 22nd October:

Checked out of the Big4 mansion and made our way across town to The Lookout Cave Underground Motel. A couple of stops along the way looking at local attractions including Crocodile Harry’s grave site on Boot Hill.

Now this is an underground motel so once you walk in the door the temperature is a constant 24C ish. No aircon or heating required all year round. Very energy efficient.

When we went into the bedroom and closed the door it was pitch black. Going to be interesting sleeping in the dark tonight.

Did a last drive round the township. We were lucky enough to find Crocodile Harry’s garve site on Boot Hill

Monday 23rd October:

Survived our night in the “Cave”. Guy slept fine, me not so much. Kept waking up in the dark. When the alarm went off it felt like midnight.
~ It is VERY dark (Can’t see your hand in front of you face).
~ It is VERY quiet (No outside sounds at all).
~ The temp is VERY consistent (24C) no matter what.
I could get used to it….

Left Coober Pedy for Port Augusta (540km & 6 hour drive). Staying the night then down to Adelaide / Port Willunga tomorrow to see my family.

Will be there for a bit of a travel break before off to the Philippines and Hong Kong for a holiday. Back in late November (24th) to resume our road trip.

Tuesday 24th October:

Left Port Augusta for Port Willunga (360km) under threatening stormy skies. The rain held off till we hit Adelaide then we got a sprinkle.

Quick stopover in Adelaide to see Sandy & Brian (Sister and brolaw). We are staying at their beach house for the next few weeks. Also a visit to the Adelaide Central Market for some essential supplies.

Made it to Port WIllunga and settled in.

We are feeling the cold after all the heat from central Australia. Had to break out the jumpers and socks.

Wednesday 25th October:

Very nice sleep-in this morning with no wake up alarms to vacate the premises by 10:00am or getting up early to go on a tour.

After a slow breakfast it was time to pamper the Mighty Mazda. She was pretty dirty inside and out so after a wash and wipe down along with a thorough vacuum she is like new again.

A trip to Noarlunga for a bit of a drive and some supplies along with a siesta filled the afternoon.

Thursday 26th October:

Another nice sleep in. Once we had risen we went for a drive to Victor Harbor (65km away) for lunch. Victor Harbor is down south and is a beautiful seaside town.

They have a large island (Granite Island) in the bay, which is accessed by a long jetty. As it is a bit of a walk they operate a horse drawn carriage to and fro. We didn’t do the trip but will bring the kids back here next week and do the carriage trip.

Friday 27th October:

Off to the supermarket for some supplies this morning. My sister Sandy and brolaw Brian arrived early afternoon for the weekend. A very lazy afternoon was had by all.

Saturday 28th October:

Spent the day with family eating too much, talking too much and not drinking enough.

Sunday 29th October:

Had a gathering of the Kloeden clan today. All present except Adric (Son) who is in Sydney on holidays and Lyn (Sister) who is in WA where she lives.

A great day was had by all with too much food, drink and talking.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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