Day 164 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 20th November:

Off on a Macau tour today, which turned out to be the weirdest tour we have done so far. Firstly we had to get across town to another hotel to meet the tour bus (Wouldn’t pickup at our hotel. There we were met but a Chinese man that spoke very quickly in broken English.

He informed us that he would drop us off at the ferry terminal (like an airport terminal) and we would have to find our own way through immigration and customs and get to gate 12 for the Turbo Cat fast ferry to Macau.

Luckily Guy understood enough of his instructions that we made it to the fast cat on time.

Once we hit Macau and cleared immigration we were told that our guide would meet us at the exit. Well there were half a dozen other tours arriving at the same time so it was chaos trying to sort us all out. Luckily our guide Patrick (AKA Jackie Chan – looked like, acted like and spoke like) herded us all up and onto the bus.

At one of our morning stops he asked us all to be at the meeting place by 12:05pm and NOT to be late. Well two Indonesian ladies didn’t turn up at the allotted time. “Jackie” gave them 10 minutes then we left without the ladies.

Luckily they were able to join another group who dropped them off at the lunch stop so they could rejoin us. Needless to say NOBODY was late at any check point for the rest of the day.

Guy and I tried our luck at the Lisboa casino but lost the lot ($50 Hong Kong ($9 AUS)).

Then on the way back to Hong Kong we had to find our way through immigration and customs on our own once again. All good and they at least dropped us off at our hotel. “Jackie Chan” was very amusing I must say.

Tuesday 21st November:

Off on a Hong Kong Island tour today. Little challenge at the start whereby luckily Guy rang them 10 minutes after pick up time only to discover they had us booked in for tomorrow (we definitely booked today). So they had a van pick us up and drop us off at the tour bus.

We visited The Aberdeen fishing village (or once was) that has almost been swallowed by “progress”. Bit sad really to see what was a quaint fishing village disappear.

Next stops were:

~ A jewellery factory / outlet. Interesting but no sale to the cheap Aussies.

~ Stanley market.

~ Victoria Peak for a panoramic view of Hong Kong and its 7 million people.

After the tour, the bus dropped us off at the “Ladies Market” as Guy was wanting to have a look see. We had lunch there and then back to the Hotel.

I am still suffering from the Delhi belly so got to be careful what I eat and when. Back at the hotel mid afternoon and we crashed for an afternoon siesta. Hard work this sightseeing.

Wednesday 22nd November:

With the sun finally coming out this morning, we ventured out to the Star Ferry terminal to cross to Hong Kong Island by boat, HK$3 (upper deck seating, $2 for lower deck) and 7 minutes later, we’re across to HK Central. Over a century old, this way of crossing is still the most picturesque and relaxed way to cross Victoria harbour.

Then it was off to The Gobo Restaurant (thanks Rob Kuijsters for the tip) for Guy’s Chili Crab that she has been hanging out for. And she wasn’t disappointed.

Back to the room for our afternoon siesta after being all crabbed out. Early evening we wandered to the shopping complex just down from our hotel. Found a very nice local noodles with pork dish for dinner.

Thursday 23rd November:

Last day in Hong Kong as we leave tonight 7:00pm. Checkout was 12:00 noon, which was nice and enabled us to sleep-in.

Checked out at our Harbour Club Lounge and left our bags with them. Back to Gobo once again so Guy could try the Ginger & spring onion crab. She wasn’t disappointed again. Awesome crab meal.

Back to the Harbour Club Lounge where we chilled out till our ride to the airport arrived at 4:00pm.

A 1-hour flight delay held us sitting on the tarmac. Finally we got airborne and on the way to AUS.

Friday 24th November:

Guy had a bit of an incident in the early hours of the morning. She felt very unwell and had a fainting incident in her seat followed by vomiting.

The crew were great in checking on her and making sure she was okay. We were also informed that Australia has strict quarantine procedures for sick passengers. Luckily she recovered enough to avoid being quarantined on arrival.

We arrived at 7:00am and retrieved the mighty Mazda for the trip back to Port Willunga with a quick stop for a few groceries. After a quick shower we hit the sack and slept for 4 hours straight.

We both felt much better after our siesta. Guy is still a little woozy but is on the road to recovery. Time to relax for a few days before we hit the road again.

Saturday 25th November:

Spent a leisurely day at Port Willunga. Guy helped (broadest sense) Sandy with some gardening and Brian and I did some plumbing (unblocking a partially blocked drain.

And for dinner we had the Loffler traditional offering of fish and chips from Jimmie’s round the corner.

Sunday 26th November:

Off to the city to do lunch with Rik, Jas and Mike. After a great lunch we made our way to the Adelaide Central Market. Now the market was closed but we parked in its car park, as it is right next door to Chinatown. At 5:00pm we meet up with Doug, Bec and their two kids for some Chinese for dinner. Had a great catch up with them before heading back to Port Willunga.

Monday 27th November:

Bit of a sleep in as we had our first meeting with our super fund at 1:30pm. All went well with the super lady and we managed to get all our business completed in 30 minutes.

Then off to the Apple Store as I am finally upgrading my old iPhone 4S to the 8 Plus. Also switching from Vodafone to Telstra on my new phone as Telstra gives much better coverage in remote areas.

It took them a while (2 hours) but all done and my new phone and provider all working tonight.

The Apple Store in Rundle mall did the whole job for me (swapped carriers, setup new phone from my backup and gave me a run through). Awesome service. Back to square one once again with learning the new gestures.

Tuesday 28th November:

Back into the city again to catch up with Pam, an old friend who visited us in the Philippines when we lived there.

Quick call into our super provider as Guy had to sign one more form to transfer her super.

Last relaxing day as tomorrow we pack up and leave on Thursday for the continuation of our road trip.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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