Day 177 of retirement

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Hi All

Tuesday 5th December:

Quick trip into Adelaide to gather some info on Wilpena Pound and Broken Hill, our next stops.

Called into Chinatown as Guy was looking for her chili crab dish. But alas the restaurant that served it only opens at 5:00pm. So had to settle for Peking duck instead. Still very nice since no chili crab.

Called in to see Sandy (Sister) and Brian (Brolaw) for a quick catch-up before we hit the road on Thursday. Back to Port Willunga in time for an afternoon siesta and some clothes washing.

Wednesday 6th December:

Last day of rest before we hit the road tomorrow. Gave the mighty Mazda a wash and vacuum today. Might be the last one for a while.

Both Guy and I repacked our bags. After 5 months on the road we have been able to cull a little more stuff that we thought we would use but haven’t. Basically we both are living out of a standard suitcase each that holds all our clothes, shoes and toiletries.

It is rather nice living a very simple life out of the car.

Thursday 7th December:

Left Port Willunga for Wilpena Pound (500km). It rained all the way to Port Augusta (350km) then cleared up in the Pound. I was here 42 years ago but don’t remember much. Staying in the resort this time. Camped out last time I was here with a group on motorbikes.

Friday 8th December:

Off wandering round Wilpena Pound today which consisted of a 4×4 tour, visited the Cazneaux tree and hiked into the Arkaroo Rock art site.

Jimmy our local guide on the 4×4 tour was a wealth of information on the history of the area and its people. We learnt why the Emu has three toes and how the Crow and Magpie were created.

After a very yummy lunch we hopped into the car and made our way to the Cazneaux tree (300 years plus old).

Photographer Harold Cazneaux photographed this tree back in 1937 and it is one of his most famous images. A very majestic tree with such character.

Next stop was the Arkaroo Rock paintings. Bit of hike in but well worth it. The paintings are different to the ones at Cooktown (QLD) which are different to the ones at Kakadu (NT) which are different to the ones at Arkaroo (SA). All very unique and beautiful.

Home to a hot shower and rest up for tomorrow’s activities.

Saturday 9th December:

Hiking day today. After a hearty breakfast we hiked to the old Hills Homestead then up to the Wangara Lookout before it got too hot. About 8km / 3 hours all up.

The old Hills Homestead was originally built in 1888 when the area was opened up as a sheep farm. The original structure was wooden. In the early 1900’s the stone house was constructed. It is currently being restored.

The Wangara lookout climb was 600m vertical and in the sun. We got a little bit warm going up but the view was well worth it.

After lunch we had a siesta and then planned to head to Stokes Lookout to watch the sunset, but decided that tomorrow might be a better day for it.

Sunday 10th December:

After another hearty breakfast we headed north on a road trip to Blinman. Had a few stops along the way to view local attractions and wild life. Confirmed that the Stokes lookout will be a great spot to watch the sunset tonight.

Blinman is an old copper mining town that in its heyday had 2,000 people in it. Today there are 17 residents. They have a very active progress association that with help from outsiders has opened up part of the mine for tours to show the hard life of a miner in the early 1900s.

Cornish miners were imported to operate the mine because of their mining skills. They worked in atrocious conditions. Boys entered the mine at age 14 and worked alongside brothers, fathers, grand fathers and other family relations.

Each family worked a vein of ore bearing material and were paid on how much copper ore they extracted.

Finished off the day at one of the lookouts watching a beautiful sunset over the pound.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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