Day 222 of retirement

January 24, 2018

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Hi All

Monday 8th January:

Stinking hot day in Canberra. Luckily a thunderstorm and cool change came through at 3:00pm and cooled things down. Although the aircon was able to keep us cool up till 3:00pm.

Tuesday 9th January & Wednesday 10th January:

Jo is baby sitting a friend’s kids for a few days (during the day only) so we have two five year olds, one one year old and one 4 month old in the house. Lets just say that the four kids kept the three adults on their toes all day.

We slept well at night.

Thursday 11th January – Sunday 14th January:

Hanging with the grandkids. Going for walks and generally get jumped on, dribbled on, crawled on, bashed with toys, vomited on, pooped on and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Monday 15th January:

Off to Sydney to see Jordan, get the car serviced and tidy up a few things before our next stint on the road (Vic, Tas & WA).

Nice easy run so made good time.

Arrived at our old apartment and not quite sure what we would find. You see Jordan has been living there by himself (his bachelor pad) since we left 7 months ago. All we can say was, it’s definitely a bachelor pad. After some cleaning, vacuuming and a couple of rubbish runs it was presentable once again. It looked worse than it actually was.

Tuesday 16th January

Did a bit of running round in the morning and cleaned up all the jobs I had to do.

Late afternoon we went across town to visit my sister Lyn (from WA) and her family (2 daughters, 1 grandbaby & son in-law) who live in Sydney. Got to see them all again.

Wednesday 17th January:

Took the mighty Mazda in for a service and check up for the pink slip (certificate required for rego). The service was fine but there were a few other things that need fixing before the pink slip can be issued.

So the parts are ordered and we will be back in Sydney on Tuesday 30th January to get them fitted and the pink slip issued. This is a NSW rego requirement so needs to be done in NSW before we leave for Victoria. Rego expires in March and we will be in Victoria by then.

The mighty Mazda had done 234,010 km so is due for a bit of tender loving care.

Thursday 18th January:

Had a leisurely morning with a walk to Dee Why beach and brunch. We both agree that Dee Why beach is one of the very few things we do miss about Sydney. It is a pretty awesome place.

4.5 hour drive (310km) to Canberra with little traffic. Got caught in the M5 tunnel with an accident that had traffic back to a crawl but once out all good.

Friday 19th January – Sunday 21st January:

Hung out with the kids. Didn’t get out much as it was just too hot. Stayed indoors under the aircon.

Monday 22nd January:

On the road again after three weeks with the kids. Left Canberra for a leisurely drive to Crookwell (100km, 1 hour). Staying 3 nights.

We were hoping to go and see the Wombeyan Caves but all the roads in the area are closed till further notice due to a large bushfire.

Tuesday 23rd January:

So a change in plans required. We headed north to the Abercrombie Caves instead (160km round trip) for a self-guided tour. These caves are extremely impressive for their size but sadly are showing some wear and tear from the last few hundred years of being used by escaping convicts, bushrangers, gold prospectors and tourist on self guided tours. Still worth a visit though.

Back to Crookwell and off to see Susan on her alpaca farm. She has 70 odd alpacas that are all individually named (from 2 weeks old babies through to 20 years old). She breeds them with other breeders and for their wool.

As we were the only two “tourists” there we were able to feed them. I do remember reading that they do spit and unlucky for Guy, she was spat on twice.

It was extremely interesting hearing all about the life and loves of alpacas.

Wednesday 24th January:

Road trip today (Crookwell – Goulburn – Collector – Gunning – Crookwell (180km)). It drizzled rain on and off for most of the day which was great as it cooled things down quite a bit after the last few hot days.

Lunch was in Goulburn at a very nice Thai restaurant with afternoon tea at Gunning (tea and a very nice cherry ripe slice).

We visited a few local attractions along the way so all in all a very pleasant day.

St Saviour’s Cathedral in Goulburn was a highlight. A magnificent example of decorated Gothic architecture with amazing light and shadows throughout the cathedral.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

Day 205 of retirement

January 7, 2018

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Hi All

Wednesday 27th December:

Nice quiet day after all the festivities. Guy and I went for nice long walk along the beach to start burning up all the calories.

Thursday 28th December:

Time to gather all our belongings together once again and pack the car. Tomorrow we head for Canberra for a few weeks to see the gang there. Then back on the road trip for the next 6 months ish.

Washed and cleaned, the mighty Mazda is ready for the journey.

Friday 29th December:

Left Port Willunga in SA for Hay in NSW and tomorrow onto Canberra ACT to see the grandkids for the new year. (680km & 8 hours (had a few stops)). It started to drizzle after about a 100km and continued all the way to Hay. It actually got quite heavy in the last 100km into Hay. Nice traveling weather.

Arrived at 4:30pm and made our way to the BIG4 park (we are members) for a cabin. This is the first time we have not booked ahead and of course all the cabins were taken (Xmas school holidays).

We found a very nice motel just up the road with a nice big room and as it is just out of the township, it is nice and quiet.

Saturday 30th December:

Left Hay under nice bright skies for Canberra (500km @ 5.5 hours). Had a good run all the way thru. The Police were out in force in NSW as it is double demerits till January 1st.

We arrived to some excited grandkids.

Sunday 31st December:

Quiet day. For lunch Dave and Jo took us into town to a very nice hotel restaurant for lunch. Then back home for our afternoon siesta.

At 8:00pm we made our way into downtown Canberra for the 9:00pm fireworks. We were not disappointed. A great family show.

Back home and we all managed to stay awake for the midnight New Year’s fireworks.

Monday 1st January 2018:

Huge happy New Year you allllll. Here is to all the adventures that 2018 shall bring us all.

Quiet day just chilling with the grandkids.

Tuesday 2nd January:

Busy day today. I broke out the lawn mower and mowed all the lawns as well as moving the trampoline, swings, play gym, bikes and chairs so I could get a complete mow. It has been a long time since I mowed a lawn. I still remember how…….

Also gave the mighty Mazda a good wash and clean and check over. She will have a rest for the next few weeks then back on the road again in mid January.

Wednesday 3rd January:

Quiet day, well as quiet as you can get with two grandkids crawling all over you. I think we will need a holiday in a few weeks after all this activity.

Thursday 4th January:

Aria’s first birthday today. Very relaxing day with a bit of a cake and party for her for dinner. The big day is Saturday where there are 30 odd guests coming and Aria is getting christened as well.

Friday 5th January:

Babysitting duties today as Dave is working and Jo is busy shopping for Aria’s christening/birthday party tomorrow. Finished up with Aria and me asleep together on the couch.

Saturday 6th January:

The big day for Aria’s christening and 1st birthday party. Had 25 ish people over and a great time was had by all. Kids galore so some pretty tired kids and adults tonight.

Sunday 7th January:

Recovery day today as the temperature hits 40C in Canberra. Luckily at 3:00pm ish a thunderstorm came through and cooled things down. It dropped 10C in half an hour. Made the rest of the day quite pleasant.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy