Day 233 of retirement

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Hi All

Thursday 25th January:

Left Crookwell for a short drive through the rolling hills to Moss Vale (120km).

We arrived at our cabin 3 hours early but it was ready for us so we moved straight in. It is an Executive cabin and is basically a small house. Very nice as our base for the next four nights as we explore the Southern Highlands.

Off to Bowral for lunch (awesome Thai lunch) and to visit the Don Bradman museum. I’m not a huge cricket fan but this place was very interesting. Learnt all about the origins of cricket through to the World Series and Kerry Packer’s influence (take over….) on the game.
My Dad would have loved it here.

Friday 26th January:

Happy Australia Day you all. Guy and I spent it in the lovely country town, Berrima (Southern Highlands). Great day with trinket and food stalls (food from all corners of the world) to be explored.
At midday there was a good old-fashioned parade of vehicles of all shapes, sizes and vintages along with a marching band.
Saw a few old vehicles that I grew up with which brought back fond memories of years gone by.

Following the parade we visited the old courthouse and did a self guided tour. Very interesting to hear some of the cases tried in the court and how brutal some of the punishments were.

A couple who murdered the husband of the woman were hanged, buried standing up (so that they could never rest) and had their heads removed and sent to Sydney as a warning to others. This is what the judge ordered.

Saturday 27th January:

A road trip today (Moss Vale – Fitzroy Falls – Kangaroo Valley (lunch) – Robertson (pie shop & cheese factory) – Moss Vale). A 100km round trip.

Had a great country steak lunch in Kangaroo Valley and made a few purchases in the cheese factory and the pie shop in Robertson. Won’t go hungry tonight.

It was a very leisurely / pleasant drive through the rolling foothills of the southern highlands.

Sunday 28th January:

Off down Bundanoon way today and the Morton National Park. First stop was an hour long hike in and out of Glow Worm Glen, where we planned to come back when it’s dark.

It was a steep hike into a part of the canyon where at night the walls come alive with glowworms. Great spot.

Then lunch and off to the Morton NP to various different lookouts. Just love this park and can’t get enough of it.

Just back from Glow Worm Glen. We hiked in just before sunset and waited till dark and the whole wall came alive. Well worth the walk in and out.
Really hard to photograph in the pitch darkness.

Monday 29th January:

Left Moss Vale for Dee Why (Jordan’s place and our old apartment (150km & 2 hours)).

Arrived lunch time and proceeded to completely unpack the mighty Mazda. It has to go in for some routine repairs over the next two days so she is ready for the next 12 months on the road.

As we have good WIFI at Jordan’s, I spent the afternoon updating two iPhones (apps & OS) and my MacBook Pro (programs & OS) then backing it all up to two USB drives.

Tuesday 30th January:

Up at 7:00am (haven’t been up that early for a long time) and dropped the mighty Mazda off for some work before our next 6 months on the road.

Had lunch with Myrna (Guy’s friend and our Reike masseuse) then rested up for the rest of the afternoon. Guy had dinner at the RSL with the girls.

Wednesday 31st January –Saturday 3rd February:

Hung out at the apartment, caught up with friends, picked up the mighty Mazda and gave her a good wash and clean inside.

Tried to capture the Eclipse and Blood moon but too cloudy.

Sunday 4th February:

Back on the road tomorrow so did a bit of reorganizing of our gear and packed the car. Be good to get back exploring once again.

Making our way through the Snowy Mountains to Melbourne and then across Bass Strait to Tassie.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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