Day 254 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 19th February:

Left Lakes Entrance for Inverloch (250km @ 3.5 hours). Rained most of the way and stopped when we arrived at 1:00pm but it was still very windy and cold.

After checking into the cabin we drove 12km down the road to Wonthaggi as it has a Woolworths (mainly for our fruit supplies). Had a very nice Chinese lunch while we were there.

The rest of the afternoon was spent having a cup of tea and a lay down while listening to the blowing wind.

Tuesday 20th February:

Made our way to Phillip Island (160km round trip) for some exploring. We will be back later in the week to stay on the island for two nights so just scoping the place out today.

Stopped at a few local attractions (Point Grant, The Grand Prix Circuit and the township of Cowes) and booked our Penguin viewing guided tour for Friday night. Had a very nice lunch on the island before following the coast road back to Inverloch.

Wednesday 21st February:

Off to Wilsons Promontory NP for a wander today (150km round trip). Made our way to Tidal River, which is the end of the road. Then slowly made our way back stopping in at most of the lookouts and beaches along the way. Very beautiful part of the world.

Thursday 22nd February:

Left Inverloch for Phillip Island (55km). Only a short drive, so when we arrived the first stop was the National Vietnam Vets museum. A very interesting and moving place.

After lunch we checked into our cabin and headed for the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. They have a 2:00pm tour of the facility but as the world superbikes are on this weekend the tours were off due to practise sessions today.

So next best thing was the Phillip Island chocolate factory. After a self guided tour and a few samples we left with some very yummy treats.

Friday 23rd February:

Went exploring Phillip Island today in the drizzling rain. Rained most of the day unfortunately.

But we did have an awesome lunch at The Cape Kitchen restaurant. The outlook from our table over the shoreline was amazing.

Did a drive round the island stopping at a few more landmarks. No walks though due to the rain.

At 7:00pm we headed to the Penguin Parade on the western end of the island. There were lots and lots of tourists there to see the Penguins come out of the ocean after dark and make their way to their nests.

We did a guided tour with a Ranger so got to hear all the history of the little Penguins and also got to go to our own exclusive viewing area away from all the “tourists”.

Saturday 24th February:

Left Phillip Island at 10:00am for The Spirit of Tasmania wharf in Port Melbourne to commence boarding at 6:30pm (9:00pm departure time). As we had 8 hours to kill we detoured down the Mornington Peninsula right out the end and back. Called into Portsea and Sorento and a few other lookouts as well.

Arrived at Port Melbourne at 3:00pm so just chilled till load time. The ferry was delayed by an hour due to bad weather in Bass Strait so hoping it wasn’t a bad omen for us.

We were all loaded and on our way at 10:00pm. We had booked a cabin so once we dumped our gear we explored the ferry, which took all of 10 minutes.

Sunday 25th February:

On the 9-hour crossing we both managed some broken sleep, as there were a few time when we were woken by a rolling boat. But I must say that laying down certainly help my seasickness. I actually felt okay (apart from being tired) when we arrived so very happy with the crossing.

On leaving the harbour we found a nice little café for breakfast and a very nice hot cup of tea.

As checking in for our cabin isn’t officially not till 2:00pm we gave them a call and they said we could have the cabin round 12:00pm ish. So after a wander round the markets in Ulverstone, we settled into our cabin for some sleep and route planning for the next four weeks.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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