Day 325 of retirement

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Hi All

Wednesday 2ndMay:

Off on the Super Pit gold mine tour this morning. Did a tour of the gold mine facilities and the HUGE open cut mine. The open cut is one of the largest in the world measuring 3.6km long, 1.6km wide and 700m deep. An awesome spectacle to see.

The mine produces about 60kg of gold per day. In today’s gold prices (approx $1,700 per ounce) that is $3,597,200 per day. But when you see the infrastructure and machinery required to produce this amount of gold it is mind blowing. Just in dump trucks alone there are 40 CAT793 trucks that cost $4.4 million dollars each ($176 million dollars total).

1 in 7 trucks carries gold bearing ore (the other 6 carry out waste). This one truck’s gold is about a golf ball size (500 grams = $30,600 worth out of a 225 tonne payload).

Wes our tour guide was a wealth of knowledge and gave an awesome run down on the day-to-day workings of the mine and its history.

At 4:30pm we did a tour of the Questa Casa, which is one of two of Kalgoorlie’s working brothels. It is the only original brothel left in Kalgoorlie and is over 100 years old.

The madam gave us a very interesting talk on the history and day-to-day operations of the brothel along with some very interesting stories. Also showed us round the working rooms (it was closed at the time) and the costs associated with the rooms. Very interesting.

Thursday 3rdMay:

Off exploring today. First stop was to see my cousin Wendy who I have never actually met. Great to catch up with her and hear all her family history.

Next off to Coolgardie (90km round trip), which is a Gold Ghost Town. In its heyday (gold rush) it was the third largest city in WA with a population of 15,000. Sadly back to 850 people now.

They have a great museum there which has one of the best old bottle collections I have ever seen. Very impressive.

Back to Kalgoorlie and the public Super Pit viewing area. This was across the other side of the open pit and gave another perspective of the huge operation.

On the way back to our cabin we called into the Mount Charlotte lookout to see a view of the township. Great views.

Friday 4thMay:

After a leisurely morning which included a load of washing it was back into town and the Goldfields Museum. Awesome museum especially the vault with its “real” gold displays.

In 1991 the London Bullion Market Association granted accreditation to Australian Gold Refineries Kalgoorlie Plant to produce 400 ounce gold bars. This is the first one produced (it is real) hence the K00001 serial number. It is worth $6-700,000 in gold value but really worth several million as it is the first bar produced. It is kept in a very secure vault that is open during the day.

Then off to the balcony (over looking the main street) at the York Hotel for a very nice lunch.

Back to the cabin for our afternoon siesta followed by a visit to the Hammond Park for our evening stroll and last look at Kalgoorlie.

Saturday 5thMay:

Left Kalgoorlie for Esperance (390km & 5 hours with a few stops).

Staying with my cousin Deb and Alan (hubby). Great to see Deb as I last saw her when she was 15 (48 years ago). Lots of catching up was had by all.

Sunday 6thMay:

Off exploring today with Deb and Alan in their 4 x 4 in the beautiful Duke of New Orleans Bay area. Awesome part of the world and we loved it so going back to stay for a few nights.

Called into the Condingup pub for a very yummy lunch. A great day out was enjoyed by all.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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