Day 331 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 7thMay:

Off exploring the Esperance area today. We followed The Great Ocean Drive which is a 40km drive along the coast. The seas were up today so some spectacular scenery was seen by all.

After lunch at Salmon Beach, we went off to the Lucky Beach area for the afternoon (140km round trip).

Another beautiful part of the world with white sandy beaches.

On the way home we called into Stonehenge. It is a full size replica of the original Stonehenge, as it would have looked in 1950BC. The structure is aligned with the summer solstice sunrise in Esperance.
137 stones of Esperance Pink Granite were quarried and assembled on a local farm. Awesome structure.

Tuesday 8thMay:

Quiet day today as we explored the township of Esperance soaking up the warmth.

After lunch Guy cooked up a big pot of pork adobo for dinner. Our last night at Deb and Alan’s and it has been awesome spending time with them and enjoying their hospitality.

Wednesday 9thMay:

Left Esperance for the Munglinup Beach Holiday Park (150km & 2 hours). It rained all the way but cleared up late afternoon. Weather is clearing for tomorrow so will explore the local area.

Munglinup is a real little gem of a spot. Set in secluded bushland spot 25km off the highway and 2km from the beach.

The two-bedroom cottage is awesome especially with a potbelly stove, which we have fired up. Awesome spot.

Thursday 10thMay:

Went exploring the Munglinup area. Visited the beautiful Oldfield Creek and Munglinup Beach.

We had the whole beach to ourselves. Our footprints were the only ones on the beach. Didn’t see anybody the whole time we were there. Loved it.

Back to our awesome cabin and cranked up the potbelly stove as the afternoon cooled off.

Friday 11thMay:

Left Munglinup for Hopetoun (120km & 1.5 hours). We arrived at 11:00am and were able to check in to our cabin, as it was ready.

Off to downtown Hopetoun for a very nice Pork Spare Ribs lunch.

After lunch we went west along the coast and explored the Fitzgerald River NP. Came across some awesome vegetation. The highlight was the Royal Hakea, which were stunning. I have never seen them before so very special.

Fitzgerald River NP is called a Biosphere. It is world known and many overseas botanists come to WA to visit the rare and unique flora in this park. Truly an amazing place.

Saturday 12thMay:

Explored Ravensthorpe today and visited the silo art, museum and farm gate art, very nice and interesting.

There are over 20 different farm gate arts scattered around the area that we tried to look for. The idea is that the artist will use only disused farm materials.

Sunday 13thMay:

Huge happy mothers day to my beautiful wife Guy. Celebrating with a nice restaurant dinner tonight.

Left Hopetoun for Bremer Bay Resort (260km & 3 hours). Checked out some more Farm Gate Art along the way.

Nice easy drive and arrived early afternoon. After dropping our gear it was off exploring the local area.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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