Day 338 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 14thMay:

Off exploring the Bremer Bay area today. Lots of awesome beaches with squeaky white sand and crystal clear turquoise water.

Pity it is so cold. We could have been enticed into a swim.

Tuesday 15thMay:

Left Bremer Bay for Albany (220km & 3 hours). On the way we detoured into Cheyne Beach. It is 20km off the main road so a little remote. But such a beautiful place.

Arrived into Albany, checked into our cabin and off for a very nice lunch at The Three Anchors restaurant. Some shopping for supplies and back to the cabin in time for an afternoon siesta.

Wednesday 16thMay:

Off exploring the Torndirrup National Park (Southern peninsula from Albany).

Awesome place with our favorite places being The Gap, The Natural Bridge, Salmon Beach and the old whaling station.

Thursday 17thMay:

Back to the old whaling station to visit the attached wildlife park and botanical gardens. On the way back to Albany called back into the Gap / Natural Bridge. Love this place. Sadly several hours after we left a tourist fell into the ocean at the Gap and didn’t survive. It is a very treacherous place and not to be taken lightly.

Back to the Squid Shack for lunch (thanks Dani) then off to the National ANZAC Centre.

Its focus is on WW1 history. You get a card with a solider on it and you then swipe it round the centre and it gives you his history. Over 40,000 soldiers went through Albany off to the Great War.

Awesome but sad place.

Friday 18thMay:

Off exploring Little Beach today in the Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. Beautiful spot with squeaky white sand.

Lunch was Yabbies, Marron and smoked salmon at the Old Marron Farm Café. Awesome.

At 4:45pm my sister Lyn turned up (lives in Narrogin) to stay with us for two nights. She is taking us orchid hunting tomorrow in the local area as we have been unsuccessful finding any.

Saturday 19thMay:

Off orchid/wild flower hunting with my sister Lyn round the Denmark area. Saw some amazing plants. Thanks Lyn.

Back to the cabin at 4:00pm and settled in to watch the royal wedding. Yeah I know, we are a sad bunch.

Sunday 20thMay:

Left Albany for Denmark (100km). Lyn took us to another orchid spot on the way then we parted ways. Lyn headed back to Narrogin and we headed to Denmark.

Had an awesome lunch at Lake House (winery restaurant).

Checked into our “house” (huge Chalet cabin), which is very roomy and nice.

Spent the afternoon exploring the local Denmark area.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

One Response to Day 338 of retirement

  1. Irene says:

    Wow, amazing pics as always!

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