Day 347 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 21stMay:

After a sleep-in this morning it was off to Elephant Rocks and the Greens Pool. Awesome and beautiful beaches and rock formations.

Another awesome lunch at a local brewery and caught the sunset at Lights Beach.

Tuesday 22ndMay:

Off to the Walpole area today for a look see.

First stop was the Valley of the giant’s tree top walk. This walkway is 40m high and makes its way up into the tree tops of trees that reach 70m high. Fantastic walk in the tree tops although the walkway does sway a bit.

Next stop was Mt Frankland which involved 24km of dirt road driving but luckily the road wasn’t too bad.

On the way back we called into the Swarbrick Art Loop. This is a series of sculptures in the bush. Interesting.

Back to the cabin and we went for a walk from our cabin to Ocean Beach and back while enjoying the setting sun.

We both really like it here as you are spoilt for stunning choices.

Wednesday 23rdMay:

Left Denmark for Porongurup (110km). Arrived in Mount Barker midday and had an awesome lunch at a local winery.

Then off to Porongurup where our mud brick cabin awaited us. Very nice cabin with a rustic feel.

Late afternoon went for a drive into the Porongurup NP to check out a couple of hikes, which are on the agenda for tomorrow.

Thursday 24thMay:

Off to Castle Rock Granite Sky Walk this morning. A nice 2.2km hike up the mountainside gets you to Castle Rock. The lower lookout is just around the corner from the climb to the skywalk.

To get to the skywalk you have to rock scramble over two sets of obstacles then climb a 7m ladder up a cliff face.

Guy made it up (awesome effort) but sadly I didn’t. Had an attack of vertigo. First time this has happened in 40 years. Old age catching up with me.

Next stop was the Stirling NP and the Bluff Knoll. Awesome monolith. Lots of dust and smoke about so visibility wasn’t so good.

Friday 25thMay:

It was a wild cold night last night. Lots of wind and heavy showers of rain. After a nice long sleep-in we went for a loop drive round to Mount Barker.

Had a very nice lunch at Nic’s Café and then back to the cottage for a relaxing afternoon (with the gas heater on) watching the rain go by.

Saturday 26thMay:

Left Porongurup for Narrogin (250km). Rained most of the way. Arrived 1:00pm ish at my sister’s Lyn’s place.

A quick unload of the Mazda and packed a smaller bag as we were heading out to Mel (my niece) & Mark’s farm some 40km out of town.

Arrived at the farm and cooked up a big batch of Pork Adobo for dinner as we settled in with the pot belly roaring away keeping us nice and cozy.

Sunday 27thMay:

Spent the day at the farm with all nieces and nephews, as Bronte and his two girls were present as well. Great family day as it blew and rained outside.

Monday 28thMay:

Back to Narrogin with Lyn. Dumped our gear and spent the day wildflower hunting with Lyn and Andrew (orchid hunting friend). Got to see some of the local countryside and some very nice orchids and wildflowers.

Back mid afternoon for a nice hot cup of tea and relaxing.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.



One Response to Day 347 of retirement

  1. AliRads says:

    Hey TK, I’ve just won the business for the software in the library at Narrogin. I haven’t been to Narrogin but met the librarian in Perth. Good fun lady. Does your sister Lyn live out there too?

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