Day 360 of retirement

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Hi All

Tuesday 5thJune:

Baby sitting Jett & Mateya today in Narrogin as it is a pupil free day at the school and Mel is working and Mark is busy farming. Very cold windy day so a games day indoors is the go.

Wednesday 6thJune:

Left Narrogin for Manjimup (230km) with a stop over in Bridgewater for lunch.

Quite cold and blustery when we arrived in Manjimup. After a cup of tea we went for a drive to see the Diamond Tree. It is a 51m tall Karri tree with steel spikes hammered into the tree trunk so you can climb up to the top platform/cabin. This was used for spotting bush fires in the past. After some pics it was back to our motel room as it started to drizzle again.

Be back tomorrow to explore this tree and surrounding area.

Thursday 7thJune:

Off exploring today. First stop was the Bicentennial Tree (75m high fire spotting tree) but as there was 6km of very wet muddy road we didn’t chance it in the mighty Mazda.

Next stop was the Cascade waterfalls. There was quite a bit of water in the rapids after all the rain.

Then it was off to the Gloucester Tree (+53m high fire spotting tree). We had a look round but didn’t climb it.

Last stop was theUnderstory Art and Nature sculptures in the bush in Northcliffe. This one is highly recommended as the best incorporation of art and nature.

Purely by chance caught up with David F and Debbie W for dinner. They are from a previous life in Civica. They are working at the local council in Manjimup at present. Awesome catch up you all.

Friday 8thJune:

Went for a short drive to the King Jarrah tree just outside of town. A huge 500 years old Jarrah tree that is quite spectacular.

Back into town for a wander round followed by lunch. Guy had a Truffle burger and I had a steak with truffle mash and sliced slivers of truffle. Very very nice.

Drizzled on and off all afternoon so we broke out the maps and booked our accommodations for the next 2 weeks.

Saturday 9thJune:

Left Manjimup for Busselton via Augusta (240km). The weather was foul as it rained and blew all day.

Hoping to see some whales at Augusta but just too stormy and rough.

Next stop was Jewel Cave outside of Augusta. We were very lucky as there were only six of us on the one-hour tour. So everybody got great pics and we had all our questions answered.

A really unique cave (lots of chambers) as it has different formations to other caves we have been in.

Absolutely poured as we arrived at our cabin in Busselton. Our cabin is quite luxurious so a great place to ride out the storms.

Sunday 10thJune:

Still windy with the occasional shower of rain but fining up. We went for a drive through the lush and very green Ferguson Valley to Gnomesville.

Gnomesville started with a single gnome in a hollow tree (started in the early 90’s) and now has expanded to more than 3,000 gnomes with their own village. It is now a top 100 place to visit in Australia. There are now Gnomes here from all round the world.

Next stop was downtown Bunbury and checked out all the awesome street art.

Final stop was the Busselton jetty. Extending 1.8 kilometres over the protected waters of Geographe Bay, the heritage listed Busselton Jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.


The train and under sea observatory at the end were both closed due to the rough weather. Should be open in the next two days so will go back and explore further.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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