Day 367 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 11thJune:

No wind but still cold and showers, so car exploring.

We visited Injidup Spa (a rock pool that you can swim in and it simulates a spa), Canal Rocks (water surges in canals through the rocks), Sugarloaf Rocks a large rocky outcrop that is the southern most nesting place for the red-tailed tropic bird. Only a few nesting pairs left.

Into Dunsborough for lunch and visited the Christian Fletcher photographic gallery. He is an awesome landscape photographer.

Tuesday 12thJune:

Rained all morning but cleared up at midday. So we headed to the Busselton Jetty. The jetty is 1.841km long and the longest wooden pile jetty in the southern hemisphere. We walked to the end and back in the fresh sea air.

Had an awesome lunch at the restaurant looking out over the jetty.

Back to the cabin and some serious planning for the next few weeks. Nothing booked yet but we now know our route which is 90% locked in. Always room for a bit of wiggle time.

Wednesday 13thJune:

Left Busselton for Fremantle (230km & 3 hours).

Arrived in Coogee Beach (just south of Fremantle) at 12:30pm and were able to get access to our cabin to unload our gear.

Off into Fremantle to check on Rottnest Island access and tours. Over a very yummy seafood lunch at the dock we sorted out the tour for Friday.

A wander round the quiet Cappuccino Strip area followed by a cup of tea and apple pie finished off the day nicely.

Thursday 14thJune:

First stop today was the old Fremantle prison. It operated from 1855 to 1991 and is now the only world heritage listed building in WA so will be preserved forever.

Our guide was excellent in his history of the facility and some of its characters and what they got up to.

Not a nice place to be incarcerated in the 1900s as it still operated as it was built back in 1855. Its gallows were responsible for 60 men and 1 woman being hanged there.

After a very yummy seafood lunch again we headed for the Maritime Museum to mainly see Australia II, Alan Bond’s yacht that wrestled the Americas Cup off the Americans back in 1983 for the first time.

Lots of great stuff there as well to see that is maritime related.

Friday 15thJune:

Off to Rottnest Island for the day. The ferry ride (30 minutes) each way was okay so all good.

We did a guided tour of the island so got to see all the highlights and hear about all the history. And a bonus we got to see some Quokkas up close and personal.

Finished off the day with an awesome catch up with Dani Langley (ex Civica life) and Stu. Great dinner with great company and lots of even greater stories.

Saturday 16thJune:

Left Fremantle for Ocean Reef to stay with Vernie (a fellow mah-jong player from Manila) and Bob (50km north of Fremantle). We made a side trip to Scarborough Beach for a looksee before arriving at Ocean Reef. Beautiful spot.

After a very yummy lunch Bob and Vernie took us on a tour of the local area followed by afternoon tea at the local Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Sunday 17thJune:

Up early for a very nice 1-hour walk along the Ocean Reef foreshore with Bob and Vernie followed by a home cooked brunch of eggs, bacon and mushrooms.

Vernie organised a mah-jong game for Guy in the afternoon, her first one in many many months so she is back in her element.

Bob took me for a drive in the local area long the coast for some photographic opportunities.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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