Day 374 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 18thJune 2018:

Left Ocean Reef (huge thanks Bob and Vernie for the weekend) for downtown Perth Airbnb (35km).

Staying for three nights while we explore the city.

Tuesday 19thJune 2018

It drizzled on and off all day but we managed to dodge most of it in our travels. Off on a Swan River cruise from Perth to Fremantle and back. Great cruise and our captain gave an awesome running commentary of the life and times of Perth along the river.

After a very nice lunch at the docks we walked to the old Perth Mint. Went on a tour to hear about the life and times of the gold rush and gold smelting. It tied in very nicely with what we learnt in Kalgoorlie and the goldfields.

Got to see a gold bar being poured worth $300,000. Also got to feel and lift a 403 ounce gold bar worth $700,000. Just couldn’t quite get it into my pocket.

Also learnt that I am worth $5,353,040 by my weight in gold.

Wednesday 20thJune 2018:

Back to the Bell Tower on the harbor this morning. Did a tour (only 4 of us on the tour so very personal) and got to ring some of the bells. It’s harder than it looks.

The Bell Tower is the only place in the world where bellringers can share their cultural heritage with visitors in such an open and accessible way.

After another yummy lunch we caught the free bus to Kings Park and the Botanical Gardens. We spent the afternoon wandering round the gardens and foreshore including the elevated glass footbridge. Great to wander as you get to see sweeping views of the city and South Perth.

Thursday 21stJune 2018:

Left downtown Perth for Cervantes via New Norcia (300km).

The New Norcia Benedictine Community was founded in 1846 by Spanish Benedictine Monks. The town has had many purposes; a mission, a monastery, an orphanage for aboriginal children, a provider of education and now as a place of spiritual retreat.

The Monastery, where the monks live, work and pray, is at the heart of New Norcia. The monks of New Norcia live according to the guidance and rhythms of The Rule of St Benedict, which has been followed by monks since the sixth century AD. Monks who do so are referred to as ‘Benedictines’. Unlike many priests and nuns, monks do not join an ‘order’ as such, but instead join an autonomous monastery where they promise to remain for the rest of their lives.

We bought some very nice freshly bread baked at the monastery.

Arrived in Cervantes late afternoon and settled into our “Holiday House” (The place is huge).

Friday 22ndJune 2018:

First stop today was The Pinnacles (limestone pillars in the sand dunes). The weather was awesome so we spend half a day wandering round the site taking in all that there is to see.

The Pinnacles were thought to be exposed some 6,000 years ago. There are two schools of thought on how they were created. Both involve petrified tree roots and or a petrified forest that was buried in the sand for thousands of years. Nobody really knows.

Back to town and the Lobster Shack for lunch. This is a lobster-processing factory that has a very nice restaurant attached. The lobster lunch was awesome.

On the way back to the cabin we visited the Stromatolites. These are formations that grow in a lake as they are made by organisms (cynobacteria) that live in the lake. They are “lumps” about 1 meter in diameter. Weird looking things.

After a cup of tea and a lay down we headed back to The Pinnacles to capture sunset. It didn’t disappoint as we had a brilliant sunset over The Pinnacles.

Saturday 23rdJune 2018:

First stop today wasJurien Bay some 22km up the road from us. Great little sleepy town as we watched the skydivers parachute onto the beach.

Then off to Mt Lesueur a global biodiversity hotspot. It is a pocket of the planet that holds one of the greatest numbers of different plant, animal and ecosystem types. Over half the plant and some animal species are not found anywhere else on earth.
There is a one-way 18km ring road that winds through the park with some walking trails branching off. We went for a side walk back into the bush to check out the wildflowers. The wildflowers not in full bloom yet but we managed to find a few blossoms.

Sunday 24thJune 2018:

Off to Sandy Cape then back to The Pinnacles for one last visit (130km).

Sandy Cape is a stunning place where bright white sand dunes abound. We walked through the sand hills to the lookout and a panoramic view of the cape.

Back for one last visit to the Pinnacles. A place that calls you back. We visited it three times.

For lunch we headed back to the Lobster Shack for the third time to enjoy our favorite meal of lobster.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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