Day 381 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 25thJune 2018:

Left Cervantes and headed 520km inland to Mount Magnet. Had a good run apart from 60km that was a combination of a single sealed strip of road up the middle to just a dirt road made of good old red dirt. The red dust gets into everything.

We went for a drive and checked into the information centre for some advice on things to visit and see.

We then drove up to the lookout overlooking the town. Mt Magnet really is in the middle of nowhere.

The Mt Magnet gold project is located immediately adjacent to the town of Mt Magnet, 500km northeast of Perth in the Murchison Goldfield of the Western Australian Yilgarn Craton. Mount Magnet is one of the Mid West region’s original gold mining towns, and the longest surviving gold mining settlement in Western Australia.

Tuesday 26thJune 2018:
Found a real gem of a place today out from Mt Magnet. Did a 38km (33km dirt road) tourist drive which took us through The Granites. Awesome bright red granite escarpments/formations due to the abundant iron oxide in the area oxidising on the rocks. Stunning place.

Aaahhh country living. Mt Magnet has 3 pubs a bakery and a coffee house. Try getting a midday meal. Nope. Dinner is fine from 5:00pm though.

Quick trip back to The Granites to see the formations light up in the afternoon sun.

Awesome colours. Love The Granites as I could spend days photographing it. It changes hour by hour as the sun moves across the sky.

This is one of those magical places that photographs just don’t do it justice.

Wednesday 27thJune 2018:

Left Mt Magnet for Geraldton (340km & 5 hours).

Stopped for lunch in Mullewa and called into the info centre. You see Mullewa is in the heart of wildflower country. As they have had some rain, a few flowers are out but we are basically 3-4 weeks too early for the blooms.

So we have decided to go back late next week for a few days and explore the area for wildflowers.

Arrived at our cabin in Geraldton that once again is very nice.

Thursday 28thJune 2018:

Today we wandered round Geraldton and visited the following:

The HMAS Sydney War Memorial – Took a tour and learnt the history of the Sydney and its sinking.

Old Geraldton Gaol – Small jail constructed by convicts. The cells have now been opened up to the local craft group who occupy the cells with their works.

Skeetas for lobster lunch – Awesome lobster lunch. We are back in lobster country once again.

Geraldton Museum – Very interesting place. Enjoyed the 3D presentation of the exploration pictures of the HMAS Sydney wreck along with the German raider ship the Kormoran

St Francis Xavier Cathedral – Very elaborate building.

Friday 29thJune 2018:
Rest day today.
We spent the morning locking in our accommodation for the next two weeks as school holidays start today (for 2 weeks).
At one stage it looked like we might have to sleep in the car but all good. Booked all the way to Kalbarri via Port Denison and Mullewa. We will hit Monkey Mia after the holidays so shouldn’t be too bad getting a place to stay.
After an awesome lobster lunch, again, the mighty Mazda got a good wash and clean. She was looking a little grotty after a few months on the road between washes.

Saturday 30thJune 2018:

Went for a drive today, as it is a stunning day out.

Went to The Alinta Wind Farm, Ellendale Pool (stunning gorge setting which is a bit off the beaten track), Central Greenough Historic Settlement (very interesting old restored historic township) and the Devlin pool.

Sunday 1stJuly 2018

Well it finally caught up with us. Food poisoning (Guy is fine, just me). Had takeaway last night (each had different dishes) and I spent most of the night with my body expelling everything out of it at both ends. Throw in the hot flushes and cold shivers and it was a fun night… NOT…
Feeling better this morning. Got a rest day so all good.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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