Day 388 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 2ndJuly 2018:

Left Geraldton for Port Denison (70km), which is just, down the road.

Made it into Port Denison just as the storm front hit. Blowing a gale and raining. Our cabin is 20m from the beach/rock wall facing directly into the storm. Awesome.
Feeling much better today from the food poisoning. Had my first soup meal today and it stayed down, so all good.

Tuesday 3rdJuly 2018:

Well the bug has hit Guy now. She spent a very unpleasant night with the same symptoms I had. She spent most of the day in bed recovering. It was a windy cold winter day anyway and we had nothing planned so a great day to rest up all round.

Weather is supposed to be fining up a bit tomorrow so might do some car exploring as we have one more day here.

I had a very productive day updating my two cameras’ firmware, creating some new user profiles and going through all the menu options to refresh my mind with the functionality.

Wednesday 4thJuly 2018:

Went for a drive round the Port Denison area today in the winter storm (Blew and rained on and off all day). Our last day here as we head back inland tomorrow to Mullewa (for 2 nights) so hopefully will leave the crappy weather behind us.
Both feeling much better today from our bugs and had our first good lunch. And it stayed down and in, so all good.

Thursday 5thJuly 2018:

Left Dongara for Mullewa with a detour to Pindar to see the Wreath Flowers (220km) which are 10km down an outback dirt road.

The Wreath Flowers are an amazing flower that looks like a funeral wreath with pink and white flowers round its edge. We found lots of green circular flowers minus the blooms. We are 3-4 weeks to early.

Staying in Mullewa in a motel room. Bit cramped after all our nice roomy cabins. Only here for two nights then got a week in Kalbarri in a holiday house so looking forward to spreading out once again.

Friday 6thJuly 2018:

Off exploring Mullewa on foot and by car today. We walked the Wildflower Walk (3km) on the outskirts of town. Great track that is well marked and takes you through the virgin bushland. A few wild flowers out but we are 3-4 weeks too early for the main blooms though with the best surprise, we found a couple of patches of the hairy stemmed snail orchids, we are so happy!!!

Then drove the Northern Loop trail (115km with most on dirt roads). The back roads are well marked (so you don’t get lost) with points of interests sign posted along the way. There were a few wildflowers out so managed to get a few pics.

A great day out in the bush.

Saturday 7thJuly 2018:

Left Mullewa for Kalbarri (230km & 3 hours).

We travelled via The Chapman Valley Way, which is known for its wildflowers. Still a bit early but a few wildflowers out.

Arrived at our house for the next 7 days and it is very nice to have a bit of space to spread out.

Also gave the Mighty Mazda a wash as she was filthy from travelling on the gravel roads in the wet. She is looking like new again.

Sunday 8thJuly 2018:

A bit of a sleep-in this morning. Then spent the rest of the day planning the next 4 months of our travels. We locked in our route and phoned the major accommodation places and locked in our bookings. And that will takes us through to the end of our round Australia adventure.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.



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