Day 402 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 16thJuly 2018:

I fed a dolphin today. Guy and I hit Monkey Mia this morning for the wild dolphin feeding. We shared the beach with 100+ others for the two feedings. You stand on the beach and each of the 5 dolphin handlers select 5 people from the crowd completely at random to feed the dolphins a fresh fish.
We both missed out in the first feeding but for the second feeding we split up so we were at opposite ends of the beach. And of course I got selected and Guy missed out.
Very very lucky and privileged to get up this close and personal with “Puck”, a free-range dolphin. Awesome experience.

After Monkey Mia we went exploring along the coast and visited Shell Bay, Eagle Island and few other coastline features.

Finished the day with a dip in the artesian thermal pool at the old Peron Homestead. The water in 40C (almost too hot) and comes from 540m below the ground. Very mineral heavy but ooohhh so good.

Tuesday 17thJuly 2018:

From our wanderings today (Tuesday) at the Ocean Park Aquarium. Awesome small aquarium where they have a continuous tour going round the aquarium staffed by 3 marine biologists. 99% of the fish are from the local area and you get to learn all about their life, loves and weird goings on.
They have a great restaurant there as well and we enjoyed a very nice seafood platter for two.

Finished off the day with a dip in the artesian thermal pool at the old Peron Homestead. Tony Breen you have us hooked now.

Wednesday 18thJuly 2018:

It is our last day in Denham today so back to Monkey Mia to see the dolphin feeding one last time. It is quite mesmerising to see these magnificent creatures up so close. The whole process is very well managed which puts the humans and dolphins at ease with each other.

Had a great lunch watching the dolphins swim by as we enjoyed Pork Belly with salad.

Back to our cabin early in the afternoon for a cup of tea and a siesta.

Thursday 19thJuly 2018:

Left Denham for Carnarvon (340km @ 4 hours drive).

Nice leisurely drive as the wildflowers are starting to bloom with fields of yellow, purple and white. Will come back and explore the wildflowers further.

Had a nice lunch at one of the local pubs and back to the cabin for an afternoon cup of tea and siesta.

Friday 20thJuly 2018:

Rest day for us today in Carnarvon but a busy day for the Mighty Mazda.

First stop for her was the local Mazda Dealer for a 10,000km service and a thorough check over.

Then off to the local tyre centre to have the newish front tyres moved to the rear and new tyres on the front. This was then followed up with a tyre alignment.

She is now ready to take on the next 10,000km of our adventure, all refreshed.

Saturday 21stJuly 2018:
Found an absolute gem of an awesome spot today. Pt Quobba Blowholes (160km round trip north). As we sat on the rocks eating our picnic lunch the blowholes were erupting right in front of us with whales breaching beyond the blowholes. And hardly anybody here.
We sat there just mesmerised by the best show mother earth could put on for us.
And to top it off some beautiful wildflowers greeted us along the road.

Sunday 22ndJuly 2016:

Visited the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum today. Fascinating place with lots of short videos on the history of the facility.

It was primarily used by NASA for tracking and communication in the Apollo, Gemini and Skylab missions.

It also played a huge part in Australia‘s overseas communication with the rest of the world.

I also learnt that the Apollo 11 mission had 4 computers on board with each having the power of an old Commodore 64. There were 2 for navigation (1 each for the main and the lunar modules), 1 for the command module operations and the last one was a spare if all else failed.

And these simple machines were programmed not to ever lockup. If serious issues were encountered the computers were programmed to shut down all but essential services and continue on.

After a yummy lunch in Sunsets Café, at the (close) one mile jetty, we went for a drive in the countryside exploring, but as rain approached we headed for home as we were on a dirt road.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy



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