Day 409 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 23rdJuly 2018:

Back to Pt Quobba blowholes tody. Totally different from our last visit as there is a HUGE swell (biggest I have ever seen). Huge spray show as the swells hit the rocks. Saw a couple of whales but they were way out avoiding the coast.

At the blowholes car park a HUGE rogue swell came through and flooded the car park. Luckily we were all back out of reach of the flooding but reminded us to stand well back from the cliff edge when a huge swell is running.

We found a nice spot out of the wind and had a picnic lunch watching mother nature’s wave show.

Tuesday 24thJuly 2018:

Last day in Carnarvon today. Got a load of washing done and hung before we went for a drive to Miaboolya Beach.

Had a nice walk up the beach before heading to our favourite tapas restaurant for lunch.

Spent the afternoon washing and cleaning the mighty Mazda inside and out at the local carwash and vacuum station. Also did a run to Woolworths for some supplies, as our next stop at Coral Bay is only a small town.

Managed to squeeze in a nice siesta late afternoon.

Wednesday 25thJuly 2018:

Left Carnarvon for Coral Bay (250km & 2.5 hours with some wildflower stops).

Coral Bay is packed out, tourists everywhere. It is peak season now so all the grey nomads have arrived from the cold south. Ooohhh wait that’s us…

The wildflowers bathed the roadsides of our trip so very pleasant.

Had lunch in Coral Bay and finished having oysters from Cowell (SA) which is just up the road from where I grew up and mussels from Port Lincoln, my old stomping grounds. Small world. Ooohhh yes it was very yummy.

Thursday 26thJuly 2018:

Our boat trip was postponed to tomorrow so had a very nice rest day consisting of good food, a siesta and a nice long walk along the beach.

Did a drive round Coral Bay, which took all of 15 minutes. We are staying in the centre of town so can walk everywhere.

Finished the day on the beach watching a magnificent sunset.

Friday 27thJuly 2018:

Did a tour today on Ningaloo Reef in a semi submersible boat. A submarine without submersing. The coral here is very different to the Great Barrier Reef. Awesome but different.

I apologise for the white balance (colours) of the pics as they are taken underwater through thick glass.

After an afternoon siesta we wondered down to the beach for the fish feeding. Heaps of tourists and heaps of fish.

Saturday 28thJuly 2018:

Guy and I got up at 2:30am to see the blood moon/eclipses. It was rather cold but a nice clear sky. With the clear sky came mist unfortunately. I was unable to get a good clear pic of the event but still managed to get some pics of the blood moon/eclipsesincluding some abstract ones.

Back to bed at 5:00am and up at 11:30am so managed a very nice sleep-in.

Another awesome lunch and siesta before our quad bike sunset tour.

On our quad bike tour there was only one other rider (plus passenger) so a very personalised tour.

Had a lot of fun cruising the back roads in the dunes on the quad bikes. Had a few screams from Guy as we zoomed along.

Sunday 29thJuly 2018:

Our last day in Coral Bay. So after a sleep-in we had a nice big breakfast of eggs Benedict followed by a skinny chai latte. We rarely have a big breakfast so a treat for us.

Then a stroll along the beach and up to the lookout where we watched the kayakers, snorkelers and glass bottom boats go by.

Back for our afternoon siesta followed by another stroll along the beach. We do love this place as you just walk everywhere. Haven’t started the car since we arrived 4 days ago.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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