Day 416 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 30thJuly 2018:

Left Coral Bay for Exmouth (170km & 2 hours). Arrived at midday at the Ningaloo Lighthouse Holiday Park, which is 15km out of town and across the road from the beach. As our cabin wasn’t ready we had some lunch, got some supplies and checked in at 2:00pm.

Well I did it. I have booked a full day on a boat out in the ocean on Wednesday to swim with the whale sharks in Exmouth.
PS: I get seasick really easily so this is a HUGE commitment for me. I trust it will be well worth it.

Tuesday 31stJuly 2018:

Went exploring The Cape Range NP today. Some of the places we visited were Turquoise Bay, Oyster Stacks Bay, Sandy Bay and Yardie Creek and Yardie gorge. We had a picnic lunch at Yardie Creek.

We did a walk along the cliff tops of the gorge and just missed a boat tour. Will be back later in the week for the gorge boat trip.

Had a few wildflower stops along the way and found some awesome looking flowers.

Wednesday 1stAugust 2018”

Today was whalewatching day. I came, I went, I didn’t see.
The short story is that I spent 4 hours vomiting over the side of the boat in very rough seas. I wasn’t alone as there were 3 others who joined me.
At one stage there were 3 of us who were doing some synchronised vomiting. One would vomit then the next and then the next. Then it would all start once again.
Guy (who was okay) at one stage handed me my flippers as I was going to try and get in the water. But no good! Whenever I tried to leave my post down the back of the boat I would vomit. So sadly no whale sharks for me.
Guy got to see a whale shark as it came to the surface, better than me, and a humpback jumping out of the water.
So if I ever even suggest a boat tour on the ocean ever again you all have the right to beat me round the head severely.

We have just had a hot shower and are enjoying a hot cup of tea so all good again. Life is good… again.

Thursday 2ndAugust 2018:

Into town this morning to pick up my USB of the pics from yesterday (they have a pro photographer on the boat) from Got the USB and they gave me a complimentary ticket anytime in the next 12 months to come back and have another go.
Not that I am planning to but the gesture was awesome.
The coral pics I did see in the snorkel in the lagoon, but the whale shark pics are what I could have seen…

After yesterday’s ordeal we had a slow start today. Once we had the USB we visited the Charles Knife Gorge. Awesome gorge.

Friday 3rdAugust 2018:

Well I got back on a boat today. Did the Yardie Gorge boat tour where there was no wind and the water was like glass. Now why can’t all boat trips be like that?

Had an awesome tour. Our guide spoke the whole time but was extremely interesting in telling us the history of the area and animals and the aboriginal way of life.

After lunch we made our way back to the lighthouse cabin via a few beach stops along the way looking for any good whale watching spots.

Saturday 4thAugust 2018:

Today we explored the Mandu Mandu Gorge. Beautiful gorge to explore as we hiked 3.5km through the gorge and on the rim.
The bright red on the rocks (it is that bright) is caused by the local soil rich in iron oxide. Through wind and rain it sticks to the walls and corrodes. The cliffs are rusting.

There were also lots of wildflowers out up on the rim, which made for a colourful pleasant walk.

Our last day in Exmouth today as we are off to Onslow tomorrow.

Sunday 5thAugust 2018:

Left Exmouth for Onslow (420km & 5 hours). Nice pleasant drive with the countryside all green and the wildflowers out.

Arrived in Onslow and were very surprised with our cabin. Right on the beach and a very modern, clean, neat and tidy cabin. Quite happy to spend 5 nights here and explore the Onslow area.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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