Day 436 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 20thAugust 2018:

Back to Port Hedland from Marble Bar this morning (210km). At Port Hedland we did the BHP facility tour at midday and it was an awesome tour. Makes you wonder how all this was built and now in full operation. Lots of awesome BIG stuff.

Tuesday 21stAugust 2018:

Left Port Hedland for Karijini NP (440km & 6 hours with a few stops and detours). Arrived to our “Glamping” tent for the next 4 nights at the eco resort. We have an ensuite attached to our tent, so luxury. You can have a shower and look up and see the stars.

The tents are very spacious and comfortable and well spaced out from each other in the bush.

There are no fridges in the tent but they do provide an esky and sell ice at the resort ($10 a bag). Also no electric kettle. A good old thermos is supplied and you can get hot water at reception for tea in the tent.

The tents only have one light and one power point. We discovered that you could only charge 1 phone and 1 laptop at a time. Luckily I read where the breaker switch was, so all good.

The resort is solar powered with a battery bank. Works great provided you don’t overload it with first world devices.

We just have to do without TV, phone and Internet till we get back into civilization on Saturday (4 days away). Looking forward to it to go cold turkey on these luxuries.

It is 7:30pm and all is very quiet in the bush, very quiet with the moon and stars out.

Wednesday 22ndAugust 2018:

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Did I tell you that the Kariniji NP gorges are awesome? Just stunning wherever you go and look. Hiking trails are everywhere starting from class 2 through to class 5 (5 being the most difficult). Only down side is the dirt roads are terrible. The poor mighty Mazda has been shaken violently (corrugations) and we have been down to walking speed at times negotiating the HUGE potholes and rocks. But the Mazda handled it in her stride.

Today’s visit was to Weano gorge. 30km of ROUGH dirt road but it was ooohhh so worth it. Back for some lunch and walked to Joffre Gorge which is 1km from the resort. Awesome.

Thursday 23rdAugust 2018:

Quick trip into Tom Price today for fuel. As there is no fuel in Karijini NP you only have two options.

~ Tom Price which is 80km away (160km round trip).

~ Auski Roadhouse 140km away (240km round trip).

We are now all fueled up (minus 80km back to Kajijini NP) for our 200km exploring tomorrow and then another 140km to the Auski Roadhouse on the way back to Port Hedland on Saturday. So that gives us 420km between refueling stops.

The last thing you want to happen out here is to run out of fuel. The mobile phone service is pretty thin as it only works in and near towns and mine sites.

From Port Hedland to Auski Roadhouse you have 260km of nothing (no fuel or mobile coverage).

Friday 24thAugust 2018:

Wow wow wow. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we went to the Dales Gorge (150km round trip & all sealed road) today and hiked a 2km section of the gorge.

This enabled us to visit the Fern Pool, Fortescue Falls and the Circular Pool. The gorge threw everything at us with rock hoping, rock scrambling, rock climbing and ledge traversing with a killer STEEP climb out. I’ll make Guy a mountain climber yet.

But it was ooohhh so worth it. Just an awesome gorge with lots of rock pools and magnificent scenery.

I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Saturday 25thAugust 2018:

Sadly we left Karijini NP for Port Hedland (390km as we had no detours or stops). We love Karijini NP and it is one of the few places we would like to come back to one day (hire a 4×4 next time). The other place to return to is Uluru and we have already booked our stay there (for our second visit) on our way down south after the top end of WA.

We are overnighting in Port Hedland then Eighty Mile Beach (1 night) and Broome (4 nights) for the staircase to the moon over the water effect.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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