Day 444 of retirement

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Hi All

Sunday 26thAugust 2018:

Left Port Hedland for Eighty Mile Beach (260km & 3 hours and stopped for lunch). Only an overnighter on the way to Broome, arriving tomorrow.

We had the best ever Roadhouse food today at the Pardoo Roadhouse. An Indian guy runs it and he served the best curries.

I had chicken and Guy had beef and they were awesome. Could match it with any restaurant in Sydney.

Monday 27thAugust 2018:

Left Eighty Mile Beach for Broome (370km & 4 hours).

Got ourselves sorted in our very nice cabin and picked up some supplies.

Then off to the town beach for the Staircase to the moon phenomenon.

It is for only 3 days a month April to October when the moon is full and the tidal flats are exposed and the moonbeams shining over the flats create an awesome spectacle.

Tuesday 28thAugust 2018:

Leisurely day. Went for a wander round china town and had lunch there.

We booked a pearl farm tour for tomorrow at the information centre.

At 5:30pm we headed back to thestaircase to the moon. Can’t get enough of this awesome phenomenon.

Wednesday 29thAugust 2018:

Today we visited the Willie Creek Pearl Farm some 40km out from Broome on some very rough dirt roads. We caught the complimentary bus and were so glad we did.
We learnt all about the life of a pearl oyster right from spawning through to pearl manufacturing.
Also learnt how to identify pearls and grade them. Did you know that it takes 2 years before an oyster is ready for its first implant that will form a pearl? The pearl oyster can live to be 6 years old ish and produce 3-4 pearls.
At one stage Guy had a very nice HUGE 19mm pearl in her hand worth $75,000 dollars. Yes $75,000 is correct.
For lunch we had a selection of produce from the sea and land with the highlight being the pearl oyster meat (Adductor Muscle). You do not eat all of the meat like a normal oyster, as they are huge. You just eat the one part. The meat is sliced very thinly and marinated in vinegar (ceviche) and then eaten. It is so so sweet.

Thursday 30thAugust 2018:

After a leisurely morning doing the laundry (we have a machine in the cabin so all good) we made our way to Gantheaume Point Lighthouse.

Half way up the lighthouse tower is an active osprey nest. It was already there some 10 years ago (confirmed by Bill S who visited here) so has done well to survive the cyclones.

There are also dinosaur footprints in the rocks but the tide was too high to get to them.

After a wander round Broome and a light lunch we rested up till 4:00pm where we headed to the Willie Creek Pearl Meat Cook Off. It is held in town and Broome’s best chefs create pearl meat masterpieces for you to try (7 in all).

We then got to vote on who cooked the best pearl meat dish. The masterpieces were all very different and yummy.

Adam Liaw (Masterchef Australia winner) made an appearance and judged the 7 dishes.

Friday 31stAugust 2018:

Left Broome for Fitzroy Crossing with a detour via Derby (480km & 6 hours).

Getting used to the longer drives now as we head across the top end. Good smooth run without much traffic.

Back to good old outback cabins again too. Neat, clean and tidy so all good. We got spoilt by the luxury cabins up the WA coast.

Saturday 1stSeptember 2018:

Did an8-hour round trip tour (300km) to the spectacular Windjana and Tunnel Creek Gorges, with respected BunUba elder, Claude, as our guide. It was an unforgettable trip to some of the most amazing and spiritually significant Aboriginal sites in the Kimberley.

Claude was amazing showing and telling us all about the area and his indigenous clan and the local Jandamarra who resisted the white man taking over his spiritual land back in the 1880’s.
Awesome tour.

Sunday 2ndSeptember 2018:

Left Fitzroy Crossing for Halls Creek (290km & 3.5 hours). Nice pleasant drive as no traffic on the road.

After checking in at Halls Creek and a good old pub lunch we toured the town, which took all of 5 minutes. Not much in Halls Creek.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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