Day 472 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 24thSeptember 2018:

Left Port Augusta for Ceduna (470km & 4.5 hours).

Nice clear run to Ceduna. On arrival, caught up with cousins Kevin and Sue. My dad grew up in the Ceduna area so Kevin and Sue are taking us round the area tomorrow to all the old places of significance re: the Kloeden’s. Looking forward to it.

Tuesday 25thSeptember 2018:
Huge thanks to Kevin (cousin) and Sue (wife) for showing us round the Ceduna district today where my Dad and Kevin’s Mum (dad’s sister) grew up. We visited places my Dad used to talk about and places I haven’t been back to in 50 years. Awesome day.

Wednesday 26thSeptember 2018:

Left Ceduna for the Nullarbor Roadhouse to stay 2 nights (370km with a few detours).

First detour was to Fowlers Bay to see the whales but none there today. Next stop was the Head of Bight lookout. It was very rough and windy when we arrived as a cold front had come through.

We did mange to see a couple of whales but they were a long way off. The rough seas didn’t help either trying to see them.

Hopefully the front will blow through tonight and be okay for whale watching tomorrow.

Thursday 27thSeptember 2018:

Back to the Head of Bight lookout to see some whales (30km round trip).

The weather was cool and slightly windy (perfect to keep the flies away) and there were LOTS of whales (mothers and babies). This place is the best place for the whales to nurse their newborn and the mums to rest before the long trip back to the Arctic. Awesome day out.

Friday 28thSeptember 2018:
Left Nullarbor for Ceduna today (320km) with a quick last visit to the Head of Bight to see the whales. Very windy and rough so only a few whales today. Awesome day yesterday spoilt us.

Back in Ceduna and more oysters for lunch.

Saturday 29thSeptember 2018:

Wandered round the Ceduna Oyster Fest today. Watched the parade then have a dozen oysters or two cooked various ways.

So so so yummy.

Also caught up with an old school friend Bonnie from my Concordia College days. Haven’t seen her in some 50 years. Was great to catch up and hear what some of the other classmates are up to along with her.

We had a knock at our cabin door this morning and it was a friend (my old hairdresser) from Cummins, Anne S. Via our posts on facebook she discovered that her and her hubby were in the same caravan park just a few vans up from our cabin.

I haven’t seen Anne in 20 odd years so great to catch up with her.

Sunday 30thSeptember 2018:

First stop this morning was to see my Aunty Una who is in the Ceduna hospital. See isn’t very well and sadly didn’t really know I was there. It still great to see her and say hi.

Back to the Oyster Fest for more oysters. Watched a cooking demo by Callum (from Masterchef) and another guy. And we were luckily enough to taste the dishes. Awesome food.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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