Day 689 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 29thApril 2019:
After a quick trip to the block it was off to Boac (40km round trip) to see PLDT (Telecom provider) on what services, if any, we have in our area.
We were told that there are 10 DSL connections in our area and they are all taken. There are no plans to expand DSL in the near future.
So this means that we will not have any internet at our house which we knew anyway. Only thing we did was put our name down so if any of the 10 existing services come up we can take it over.
Back to the block after lunch (Guy off to Mahjong) and we now have all three bedrooms air-conditioned.
The aim of only doing the bedrooms is that you can cool down the room for getting a comfortable sleep. The lounge/kitchen is a large area and very open and picks up the nice sea breeze so we decided not to put one there.

Tuesday 30thApril 2019:

Up early as we are meeting John’s (Pom) brother in-law Ed, at John’s place (he is away) to retrieve 3 barrels of stuff we left there when we went back to Australia in 2013. Ed has a tricycle, so he transported the barrels to the block for us. They mainly have pots and pans in them and a thousand coat hangers (maybe not a thousand but heaps). The things we keep.

They are in storage at the block now till we move in in a couple of weeks.

Then into Buenavista (4km away and our new local town) to organise a gas cylinder, regulator, hose and installation of our gas stove. All up the total cost came to P2,935 ($80 AUS).

We now have an operational gas stove.

Back to Gasan and a quick visit to our curtain guy as he is making some door stop sandbags for us. Will have a sample for us tomorrow.

Lunch and Guy off to Mahjong and after an afternoon visit to the block, I had my siesta.

Wednesday 1stMay 2019:

Usual block visit to see the painters. Also called in to see our cushion/curtain man for an update.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I had my siesta followed by an afternoon visit back to the block.

Thursday 2ndMay 2019:

Off to Boac (40km round trip) to make the final payment to the aluminium window/door man. They finished all the sealing and cleaning of all windows and doors yesterday.
Did some further exploring at the Boac market for curtain and cushion material and pillows. Found some promising material and bought 4 light pillows. Once we are living in the house, we will explore these further.
Had lunch in Boac. Guy off to Mahjong at midday. I caught up with Gerald (Pom) and dropped into the block. Painting is scheduled to be completed on Saturday.

Friday 3rdMay 2019:

Off to Buenavista to meet up a group of locals who are going to supply all the food and drink for the workers’ party we are throwing on Sunday. All our workers and contractors are invited to the local sulphur springs for some food, drink and a swim in the springs.

Our way of saying thank you for all their awesome service.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I caught up with Ron (Yank) for a chin wag.

Saturday 4thMay 2019:

Yea the painting has finished, all the scaffolding removed and rubbish cleaned up. Still got a few things to finish up inside but our move in date of 15th May is looking good. The house looks very “pretty” all painted up.

Finished the day with our usual two hour massage each.

Sunday 5thMay 2019:

Today we threw a party for all our workers, contractors, tradies and suppliers along with their partners and kids to celebrate a job well done in building our house for us (70 attendees).

We hired a large covered area at the local sulphur springs. On one side was a sulphur pool for the kids to swim and on the other side a couple of nipa huts for the boys to enjoy a drink or two.

We got a local caterer in to cook all the food and also had a 36-kilo pig roasted on the spit (Lechon). All the food was awesome and the drink flowed freely. A great time was had by all. We also printed off and gave each one of them the pic we took on the last day at the block.

Did I tell you that these guys were awesome?

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


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