Day 704 of retirement

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Hi All

Monday 13thMay 2019:
Back to the block and started sorting some of the stuff we have transported. I had a play with the 250 ish satellite TV channels. A pretty good selection of channels I must say.

Back for lunch and Guy off to Mahjong. After my siesta I went shopping at the market for a few kitchen items.

Tuesday 14thMay 2019:

Back to the block at 8:00am as we met the plumber there to fix a water leak on the guest toilet. Took a while as he had to dismantle the whole system but all fixed.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I packed up the apartment ready for the big move tomorrow.

It is amazing how much stuff we have accumulated although in all fairness we have had to outfit a whole house starting from nothing.

Soooooooo looking forward to tomorrow. Finally, our own little piece of paradise to do what we want when we want.

Wednesday 15thMay 2019:

Our first evening at The Castle with a fantastic welcome sunset from the front veranda.
All moved in today. One slight issue with the water heater in the guest bathroom. A call to the plumber and he was here in 20 minutes. He needed the electrician so 20 minutes later the electrician was also here. All fixed. Awesome service from the tradies.

Thursday 16thMay 2019:

The weather is foul at the moment. Mid to high 30C with 90% humidity. And no storms in the immediate future.

Quick trip into Buenavista (4km) away which is now our local township. Checked out one of the canteens for food. Bought some very yummy selections for lunch.

After lunch we headed for Boac (now a 60km round trip from home) to get some cash from the bank and a few things for the house. No Mahjong for Guy today.

Friday 17thMay 2019:

Started the day with a two-hour massage each from our masseuse Ailyn. She is quite happy to come to us from Gasan and do our massages. Have locked her in for 7:30am each Friday.

Tried out the “new” washing machine today. It is an old fashioned twin tubs like my mum used to use.
You bucket water into the wash tub from the well, wash the clothes, rinse them in a laundry tub, spin dry them in the spin dryer and then hang them on a clothesline erected between two trees.
Repeat as many times as required using the original wash/rinse water. Very efficient.
Just like my mum used to do many years ago. My mum would be proud of our efforts.

Saturday 18thMay 2019:

After a 1.5-hour Jeepney ride, a 3-hour Ro Ro (ferry) trip and 6 hours on the bus we arrived in Manila. Here for a few days sorting stuff.

Sunday 19thMay 2019:

Up and off to see Guy’s family and meet up with two of our island workers.

You see Guy has three apartments in Quezon City where her mum lives in one, sister (and family) in another and rents out the third. As it is vacant at the moment, we decided to renovate it.

And as it is so hard to find workers in Manila, we are using some of our boys from the island. Two of them came to Manila overnight and assessed the job.

They can do the work and left us with a list of materials to get. More work for a great bunch of workers.

We were then off to the hardware shop to get the tiles and toilet and have them delivered at the end of the week ready for the boys who will be back in a couple of weeks to do the work.

We bought a few things from the mall for us as well.

Also switched mobile phone carriers as our new supplier has coverage at our house on the island. So might get my internet back. Wednesday will tell.

Monday 20thMay 2019:

Very hot and humid in Manila. Fortunately, we spent most of the day in the mall getting lots of little things for the house.

Had a quick trip up the road to a huge Home Depot warehouse for some plumbing supplies.

Going home tomorrow night to rolling brown outs on Marinduque. One of the island generators has failed so no power for 6-8-hour periods at a time. Will be interesting.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


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