Day 710 of retirement

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Hi All

Tuesday 21stMay 2019:
The door to door van (10-seater van) picked us in Manila and some 14 hours later (3:30am) delivered us to our front door on the island.

The trip included:

~ 6 hour Van ride to the port

~ 3 hour wait at the port for the Ro Ro (Ferry)

~ 3 hour Ro Ro crossing to Marinduque

~ 2 hours van ride to home

The door to door van is excellent in they will pick you up in Manila/Marinduque and deliver you to your front door at the other end. Great if you have lots of stuff/luggage.

And the van only had 6 passengers for the trip so we were able to spread out.

Wednesday 22ndMay 2019:

After a nice cool shower, it was off to bed for 3 hours as the power was due to go off again at 8:00am. It went off at 7:30am. It came back on a midday for a few hours but then off and on for the afternoon. We went to the Marelco office (power supplier) in Buenavista (4km away) and they informed us that repairs should be completed by tomorrow (Thursday) night. Fingers and toes crossed.

Awesome sunset again tonight.

Thursday 23rdMay 2019:

Power was on all day today then went off at 5:00pm. Off till 2:00am tomorrow morning then on till 8:00am.

I have the new schedule of brownouts that goes to Saturday. We shall see what happens after Saturday.

Friday 24thMay 2019:

Nothing like a two-hour massage on our new massage table (bought in Manila) on the veranda in the cool sea breeze as a thunder storm rages in the distance (great lightning show).
New power brownout schedule for the next two days is out. Currently not being followed at all. Power is on when it is on and off when it is off. All good though as we are prepared.

Did manage to get the washing done and give Ruby a service, wash and shine.

Saturday 25thMay 2019:

Got the washing down and down it came. The rainy season has arrived after weeks of build-up. Rained on and off all day. We received 27mm in our area (Gerald the Pom measures it).

Settled the dust very nicely and gave the washing a great rinse.

Sunday 26thMay 2019:

Off to our local market in Buenavista (5km away) this morning for the first time. Sunday is their market day. It isn’t as big as the Gasan market but has pretty much all we need.

Into Gasan at 11:00am for lunch at a canteen. Unfortunately, we got caught in a thunderstorm and I got soaked but Guy wasn’t too bad. After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong and I came along and had my usual weekly manicure/pedicure at the Mahjong house.

Later in the afternoon I caught up with John (Pom) who is back from a 2-month holiday in Thailand.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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