Day 906 of retirement

December 8, 2019

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Hi All

Tuesday 5th November 2019:
Emma (Toyota Rush) was due for her 5,000km service at the “local” Toyota dealership in San Pablo on the mainland. To get there it is a 1 hour drive to the port, a 3 hour Ro Ro (Ferry) ride and a 2 hour drive to San Pablo.
As Guy and I are not comfortable driving on the main land yet we hired Willie, our part time drive, to take the vehicle to San Pablo and back for the service.
He picked up Emma at 4:00am and delivered her back to us at 7:30pm all serviced. A long 15.5 hour day for Willie.
His cost was P3,000 ($86.00 AUS).
Awesome service, Willie.

Wednesday 6th November 2019:

A wild and woolie day as tropical depression Quiel hits us with wind, rain and rough seas. It’s moving away from us, so all good.
Got food and movies. What more could you want?

Thursday 7th November 2019:

The wild and woolie weather is still with us. Tropical depression Quiel could turn into a typhoon as per the weather forecast. Will know by tomorrow.
Today is the wettest day so far this year (2019) according to Gerald (Pom) who keeps meticulous rainfall records.
The power is on and off all day as well.

Saturday 9th November 2019:

The weather is almost back to normal this morning. Typhoon Quiel has left the building and headed towards Vietnam, weakening as it goes.
Clean up time.

Wednesday 13th November 2019:

Tropical storm “Ramon” is skirting up the east coast of the Philippines. Looks like we will get some heavy rain over the next few days.

Thursday 14th November 2019:
Scheduled brownout today 8:00am to 5:30pm. Same this Saturday. Also raining due to tropical depression Ramon skirting us by, so nice and cool. Movies on the laptop time after a siesta.

Guy at Mahjong.

Saturday 16th November 2019:

No power for the day due to a scheduled brownout (8:30am to 5:30pm).

Guy off to Mahjong in Gasan (they had power) and I got into cleaning mode. Washed all the windows (salt spray), sorted all the rubbish and lubed all the door handles/locks.

Sunday 17th November 2019:

Pamper day today. After a sleep in it was off to the hairdresser for a cut for me and a cut and style for Guy. Total cost: P150 ($4.30 AUS).

Then lunch of home-made burgers, fries and drink. Total cost: P150 ($4.30 AUS).

Finally, a manicure and pedicure for us both. Total cost: P300 ($8.60 AUS).

Emma also got a wash and detail. Cost: P250 ($7,20 AUS).

Monday 18th November 2019:

This morning at 7:00am the power went off at the Castle. I contacted Gerald (Pom) who lives just up the road and he had power as did our neighbour.
So I did the usual and checked all the fuses and still nothing.
So we drove into Buenavista to Marelco, the power supply company at 8:00am. They would have a crew to the house within the hour.
The Marelco crew arrived and determined that the issue was at the breaker switch just after the meter which is our responsibility.
So a call to our electrical contractor who did the house wiring and he came straight out with an electrician.
They replaced the faulty breaker switch and we have power back within the hour.
Cost: Breaker switch P1,300 ($37 AUS) and installation P200 ($6 AUS). Awesome service by all once again.

Monday 25th November 2019:

In Lucena (on the mainland) for the day, shopping.
After 1-hour drive to the port, 2.5-hour Ro Ro crossing and 15 m drive to mall we have arrived.

Real cheese, top of the shopping list. Mmmmmm cheese. Managed to get everything on the list.
Back to Marinduque on the 4:30pm Ro Ro. Arrived home at 9:00pm.

Wednesday 27th November 2019:

Got the plumber back today to replace my shower water heater. Unbeknownst to us the original ones we bought don’t operate correctly with our low flow water supply from our well and pressurised water tank.

Guy’s works sometimes and mine has stopped all together. Once the plumber installed my new low flow heater it worked fine. Will replace Guy’s on our next trip to the mainland (Lucena).

Plumber cost to install the new water heater P500 ($14.00AUS).

Tuesday 3rd December 2019:

Well that was interesting. Typhoon Tisoy a Cat 3 typhoon 120 – 170kph winds (only 4 Cats in total) hit us with a vengeance this morning. The worst of it lasted for 6 hours as the eye passed us close by.

There was torrential rain combined with gale force winds which was scary and exhilarating all at the same. The wind gusts would sound like a freight train and then hit with a vengeance. It is the scariest storm I have ever been in.

The yard outside the house is trashed. Trees stripped bare, bent and broken. The Castle is covered in shredded leaves. Looks like a camouflage pattern on the walls.

But I must say that the Castle came through with flying colours. We were perfectly safe tucked up inside.

After the stormed passed it was chaos. Our track into the Castle was completely blocked with fallen trees which also bought down the power lines to us and our two neighbours. The main road was blocked in both directions from our gate with big trees down. One of the people across the road was wading waist deep in water outside his house.

Our neighbours rallied and over a period of 4 hours they had cleared the road, got the power lines back up on posts and then helped me clear the Castle yard. A real community effort. Awesome team work, guys.

Also discovered we have a swimming pool with waterfall on the Castle. During the torrential downpours, the roof drains were overwhelmed so once several inches of water collected on the roof it would cascade down the stairs (it was designed that way) like waterfalls. As you can imagine the torrential downpour dumped a LOT of water so it was quite spectacular at times.

All in all, very happy with the Castle and how she performed in such a nasty Typhoon.

Thursday 5th December 2019:

Getting internet and phone signal involves a 60km round trip to Boac the capital. The drive gives us the opportunity to charge our phones and power block so it not a complete loss.
Started the clean up this morning. Had the chainsaw man in to cut a huge tree that had fallen across our power line. The cable is fine and all clear now. Power restoration is looking like 4-6 weeks. Lots of power poles snapped like match sticks.
Guy and I cleared the roof of all the vegetation. Started to clean the walls and verandas. Weeks of cleaning up to come.
Saturday 7th December 2019:

Enjoying a bit of luxury. Flushing toilet, running water, hot shower, power & internet. In Manila till Monday for Guy’s high school batch Xmas gathering. Then back to none of the above.

Going to check out generators tomorrow while we are here.

Life is good.


Trevor & Guy.