Day 971 of retirement

February 11, 2020

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Hi All

Monday 27th January 2020:

Back on the road today with 13.5 people (0.5 is Ysabelle a 3-year-old) in the 15-seater Toyota van. It is a bit of a tight fit with us and all our luggage. Including Guy’s mum’s wheelchair.

After a 5-hour drive, we arrived at Plaridel (down south on the mainland) for the night.

Tuesday 28th January 2020:

Off to Tabgon, Caramoan, in the middle of nowhere. One road in and same road back out. 8.5 hours with the last 3 being a bit of a goat track in the mountains to Tabgon.

At one stage I had to scout the track on foot with a torch to make sure we were on the right track. We were.

Very basic accommodation. No hot water or flush toilet. Do have air-conditioning though.

Wednesday 29th January 2020:

Back out the goat track we came in on (1.5-hour journey) then off to Legazpi for 2 nights. Drive time today was 6-hours.

Due to a combination of bad roads, dubious accommodation (bad Airbnb experience), sick kids and our wheelchair bound mother, we decided to go 5 star for our last two nights on our road trip to see Mayon Volcano. We all realised that not having hot water for showers, flushing toilets, towels and soap is not fun anymore.

Thursday 30th January 2020:

Out sightseeing today round the Mayon Volcano. Visited some ruins of old stone churches, the famous Cagsawa Church which was destroyed when the volcano erupted in 1814.

In the afternoon the adults rested up and the kids went ATV (4-wheeler motorbikes) riding out in the river bed.

Friday 31st January 2020:

Early start today as we head home. Guy and I are being dropped off at Lucena to catch the Ro Ro back home. The others are headed for Manila.

After a 10-hour van ride, 3 hour Ro Ro crossing and 1 hour in Emma we made it home at 10:30pm. Time for a cup of tea and a lay down.

Saturday 1st February 2020:

No chance to sleep in as Cherry the maid is here to clean and wash. At 8:30am our carpenter arrived with our last wardrobe for the guest bedroom.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy