Day 98 of retirement working

August 28, 2013

1195 days of retirement come to a pause.

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Hi All

Tuesday 13th August

Busy morning doing the house cleaning followed by a wash and vacuum for the Mighty Mazda.

At 3:00pm I was off to the Hearing Centre in Dee Why to have a full hearing check. You see I have Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and some hearing loss from all those years driving heavy earthmoving equipment (without ear muffs) back in my younger days.

After a comprehensive series of tests it was confirmed what I kind of already knew. I have a hear loss in the upper frequencies. One on one conversation is okay but I struggle in noisy environments.

So the only real option is hearting aids. Going have to think long and hard about that one. The technology used today is very unobtrusive and almost invisible but expensive.

It’s interesting in that I had no hesitation getting glasses when my eyes needed them but I balk at getting hearing aids. Makes me feel old……..

We shall see.

Wednesday 14th August:

Caught up on paper work this morning. Also loaded the Mac version of eTax ready to do my tax for this year.

Went for a nice leisurely stroll along the cliff tops for a couple of hours after lunch and enjoyed the sunshine.

Cooked up a big pot of pasta mince for the next few days as well.

Saturday 17th August:

After work Guy and I meet up with friends Stephen and Margaret for dinner in the Dee Why RSL. I have done a couple of climbs with Margaret in the past in Nepal and China.

She is back from Mount Everest (May this year) where she made it to the Hillary Step (Just short of the summit – 1 hour away) but was turned back by the weather.

It was great to hear her account of the summit attempt and getting so close yet so far. The food was pretty dam good as well.

She also gave us an update on Warren (I climbed in Nepal with him on Ama Dablam) who was also on the same expedition and suffered badly with frostbite (Has lost some finger tips and toes) and was pretty crook for a while.

Tuesday 20th August:

Bit of a scare today for Guy & I.

I got a call at midday to pick her up from her work (My day off) as she wasn’t feeling too good. When I got there the Paramedics had been called as she had fainted with a chest pain.

Paramedics checked her all out very thoroughly (Including an ECG) and she has a flu virus but all good. She’s tucked up in bed now recovering.

Wednesday 21st August:

Guy is feeling much better this morning. She made it to work and survived another day at the coalface.

Thursday 22nd August:

Well Guy has shared her disease with me now. I made it to work this morning but was home by midday and off to bed with drugs.

At least I don’t have the fainting and chest pains, so all good.

Sunday 25th August:

Guy picked me up from work at 3:00pm and we made our way to see Samantha, Ben and the four girls. Especially the latest addition, (number 4) Sienna. Man she is small and very cute (Takes after her mother………).

Monday 26th August:

Well Jordan turns 18 today. Guy and I woke him up this morning with a muffin and a candle. He made it to school then it was out on the town with his mates for the evening.

No late night drunken calls to come pick him up, so all good.

Tuesday 27th August:

I picked up Jordan at 4:00pm from a friend’s house. Apparently they were out on the town till 3:30am last night and still made it to school on time. He was a little tired tonight…..

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy