Day 606 of retirement

February 11, 2019

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Hi All

Monday 4thFebruary 2019:

Off to Boac to the bank to get cash for our trip to Lucena (on the mainland) tomorrow. It involves a 1-hour Jeepney ride followed by a 3-hour RoRo (ferry) crossing.

Going to a major hardware store to get fittings and fixtures for the house (electrical, plumbing, etc).

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong for the afternoon.

Tuesday 5thFebruary 2019:

Off to Lucena today. After a 1.5-hour jeepney ride, 3-hour RoRo (ferry) and 30-minute tricycle ride we arrived at our hotel.

After dumping our gear, it was off to the mall for some food.

Wednesday 6thFebruary 2019:

Today we visited the hardware store, tile/plumbing centre and electrical store to buy all the fittings and fixtures for a house to operate. We had a list of requirements from the plumber and electrician and our own list as well.
Took us all day with many phone calls to the plumber and electrician to clarify some items but at the end of the day it was all sorted. Once the shops have all the goods together, they will contact our courier for the island and he will pick them up in his truck and deliver them to the new house.
The house budget took a serious hit today but nothing unexpected and we even came in a little under budget, so all good.
Back home tomorrow to the island and some peace and quiet. I need a cup of tea and a lay down.

Thursday 7thFebruary 2019:

Quick trip to the Lucena SM Mall for a few last-minute items this morning. Then a 30-minute tricycle ride to the port, 1.5 hours waiting for the next RoRo (ferry), 3-hour RoRo crossing to our island and 1.5 hours in a jeepney to get home.
Glad to be “home” to enjoy our peace and quiet on the island.

Friday 8thFebruary 2019:
Nice sleep in this morning after the hustle and bustle of the Lucena (mainland) trip for house supplies.
Off to the block and caught up with the boys. Only a skeleton crew at the moment as they are building the septic tank.

Then into Buenavista to drop off a copy of the invoices with the gear we need picked up by Cristie (our hardware and transport supplier) in Lucena.

Saturday 9thFebruary 2019:

Quiet rest day today.

Gave Ruby a bit of a service and installed my temporary number plate. Who knows when the real plate will turn up.

At 3:30pm it was off to pay the boys and see what they are up to next week.

Finished off the day with a 2-hour massage each. We love our massages.

Sunday 10thFebruary 2019:

Commenced the day with our regular Sunday morning manicure/pedicure each.

After her manicure/pedicure Guy was off to a friend’s house (Mina) with Franie (our foreman) to have a look at some work she needs doing on her house.

Ron (Yank) dropped in for a coffee and catch up. For those of you who have visited us and know Ron, he hasn’t changed one little bit and we love him for it.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I meet up with John (Pom) at 4:00 for an early dinner at the local canteen. His shout.

Monday 11thFebruary 2019:

The HAM (Hiking Association of Marinduque) meet at 7:00am this morning for a stroll around the town bypass new road. We had 7 walkers this morning, so great to get people out for some exercise.

The boys are back to work today. They started removing some of the form work from the roof pour. The rest will come down over the next 2 weeks.
Internal walls now being built and rendering started on the outside walls.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


Day 584 of retirement

January 20, 2019

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Hi All

Monday 7thJanuary 2019:

Off to Boac first thing to get Ruby her 1,500km service. Arrived at (9:00am and dropped Ruby off to the Yamaha dealership).

Went for a wander round the streets of Boac for an hour. Came back at 10:00am and Ruby all ready to go.

Then off to the block to see the roof beams are progressing well. On the way home I called in to see Gerald (Pom) for a catch up.

Tuesday 8thJanuary 2019:

Off to the block for our daily update on the works. All good.

Back home and off to the market for some lunch and very yummy food (P190 = $5.14AUS in total).

Guy off to Mahjong after lunch and I went for a ride on Ruby and called in to see Ron (American).

Wednesday 9thJanuary 2019:

John (Pom) called in for coffee before we all headed to the block. John hasn’t been there yet so was interested to see our site.

After the block we called into the carpenter (he does the doors and cupboards and different guy from the furniture carpenter) and finalised the wooden doors and jambs.

Back for lunch then Guy off to Mahjong. I was back at the block at 3:00pm to pay the coco lumber and bamboo suppliers.

The roof beams constructions are progressing well.

Also, I have picked up a bit of a bug. Tired and achy all over. Need a few rest days. Just the place to have them.

Thursday 10thJanuary 2019:

Feeling very average today with my bug. Staying in and slept for half the day. No block visit today. Hopefully on the road to recovery.

Guy was off to Mahjong after lunch and also played an evening game.

Friday 11thJanuary 2019:

Back to the block this morning. Just when you thought there was no more room for beam reinforcing/scaffolding more appears in the house. It is a mass of building materials at present and will be for a few weeks until it all gets poured with concrete.

Still feeling pretty average but definitely on the mend. Being retired does have its benefits. When ill you can take as long as you wish to rest up and recover.

Saturday 12thJanuary 2019:

Well after 4 days I am feeling a little better but still not the best. Went to the local doctor who works out of the pharmacy. After a discussion, it was determined that I may have a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and/or Kidney stones. I have had both before.
I have no nausea, vomiting or fever and my blood pressure is normal. Good signs.
The doc gave me some antibiotics, some pills that help to break up kidney stones (yea I am a bit dubious about this one) and some pain killers. The aim is to give the drugs three days to take effect and if still no good it is off to Boac (20km) for an ultra sound on my kidneys. My ailment is going to test out the island’s medical services. We shall see.
The doc’s visit and drugs came to P1,550 ($42.00 AUS).

Sunday 13thJanuary 2019:

Rest day today as the antibiotics start to kick in. Feeling a little better now. Rested up with a couple of siestas as I am finding that I am getting quite tired.
Caught up with John (Pom) for an afternoon coffee at one of the local canteens.

Guy was off to Mahjong after lunch.

Monday 14thJanuary 2019:

Feeling a little better as the antibiotics kick in.

Guy rang the foreman at the block and all good there. No visit today.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I rested up.

Tuesday 15thJanuary 2019:

Feeling much better today.

Did a trip to the block as we have three contractors to pay for the delivery of coco lumber and bamboo. This should be the last of it that is required for the roof structure scaffolding.

Guy off to Mahjong after lunch and I rested up once again.

Wednesday 16thJanuary 2019:

It’s amazing what 4 days of antibiotics and rest will do for an attack of a UTI. Feeling much better today. No kidney stones, so all good.

Only side effect is a bung eye (red and a bit scratchy) but I can live with that.

Still resting up and will certainly take it easy for the next week.

Huge hugs to Guy for putting up with a crook and cranky husband. Love my wifie. xxooxx

Thursday 17thJanuary 2019:

On the mend so off to the block this morning to catch up on the works. Scaffolding still going up and will be for another week or two. Looking at the beams/roof pour in early Feb with all things being equal.

After lunch Guy off to Mahjong and I rested up. Sleeping quite a bit at the moment which is great for recovery.

Friday 18thJanuary 2019:

No Mahjong, so a rest day for us both today. We walked to the market for supplies and more sleeping for me in the afternoon.

Spent some time getting all our paper work/blog up to date. I have rehashed one of my spreadsheet pages to make it easier to track where all our money is and how much we have at any point in time.

Getting better every day but it is a slow process. Sign of old age, I’m guessing.

Saturday 19thJanuary 2019:

No Mahjong today for Guy as it is payday at the block.

Made our way to Buenavista at 3:00pm to pay one of our major suppliers and found them closed for the day due to a local fiesta happening. Guy spoke to Cristy (owner) and we will pay them on Monday, so all good.

Back to the block to pay the boys and check on the house progress. Was surprised to see the steel decking (concrete roof supports) going up. The boys have had an awesome week and at this pace we could be pouring the roof round the 1stFebruary. Fingers crossed.

Finished off the day with a two-hour massage each.

Sunday 20thJanuary 2019:

No work at the block today. Guy and I enjoyed a manicure/pedicure each in the morning with Josefin (P120 each $3.16 AUS).

Off for lunch in the “fancy” restaurant in town and Guy off to Mahjong in the afternoon.

I am feeling about 90% better from my aliments. Still get quite tired but lots of rest and siestas is fixing that.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


Day 556 of retirement

December 23, 2018

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Hi All

Monday 17thDecember 2018:

Poor Ruby has been a little deflated these past few days. She picked up a piece of wire in her rear tire. As I have no tools and even if I did, fixing her tubeless tire is all the more difficult compared to a tubed tire (of which 95% of the island motorbikes are tubed).
So rang the Yamaha dealership and they said drop Ruby right in and one of the boys will take her to one of the few island tire places that can fix tubeless tires. 20 minutes later Ruby is all fixed and we are back on the road again. Awesome service Yamaha in Boac.
And all for the cost of P50 ($1.32 AUS)

Called in to see our furniture man today. He is going to custom make our dining room table (8-seater) and a coffee table out of the wood from our big tree we had to cut down.

8 x chairs – Using his wood. P2,500 each ($66 AUS)

1 x 8-seater custom made dining room table (we supply the wood. Made up of 4 slabs joined together). P5,000 ($132 AUS).

1 x Custom made coffee table (We supply the wood. Made up of 2 slabs joined together). P3,000 ($79 AUS)

Tuesday 18thDecember 2018:

Caught up with our electrician this morning. Ran over the plans to make sure we had everything covered (power points, light switches, lights, fuse box and getting a connection to the mains).

Called into the block and the boys are powering ahead. All 19 columns are done. They have started the beams in the footings for the walls. The south side of the house has hollow blocks (bricks) up to the floor level which is 1 metre above existing ground level.

Once the wall has been completed all the way round the floor it will be filled with gravel to get it up to the actual floor level of the house.

Thursday 20thDecember 2018:
Visited the aluminium window man today in Boac (20km round trip). Ran through the plans with him and he will give us an estimate in the new year.
All he needs is three weeks from when we order to build, deliver and install the windows.
Back to the block and the back wall of the house is now built up with hollow blocks to floor level. We have a crew of 11 boys working 6 days a week at present. Doing an awesome job.

Guy off to Mahjong after lunch.

Friday 21stDecember 2018:
Called in to see our carpenter today to select the timber slabs (From our tree we had to cut down) for the coffee table and dining room table. All sorted and the carpenter can now start the drying/curing process on the timber.
The boys at the block now have three sides of the house hollow blocked in. Only the front to go and then they can start filling in the space with gravel up to floor level.

Saturday 22ndDecember 2018:

Off to Buenavista this morning (28km round trip) to see Montemayor and the plumber (Jun). Ran through the plans with him and we are all now clear (as can be expected) on the plumbing (water, sewerage & waste water) requirements for our house

Then off to Boac (40km round trip) for a few supplies for Xmas lunch. The supermarket in Boac has got in some cheese and small leg hams which is a real luxury here on the island. So, we now have a ham, cheese, cucumber and tomatoes for Xmas lunch along with fruit salad for desert. Even found some long-life cream for the fruit salad. Bonus.

Payday at the block for the boys and contractors. Everybody paid for the last week’s mighty effort along with a bonus.

At 4:00pm it was off to see John (Pom) on the other side of town to help him with his Xmas party for the locals where he lives. He did food and presents for the kids and adults. A great fun time was had by all.

Sunday 23rdDecember 2018:

Rainy day as it drizzled nonstop.

Had a visit from John (Pom) for a coffee followed by our weekly manicure/pedicure each.

Guy off to Mahjong in the afternoon while I went for a walk and did some shopping for supplies.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

Day 542 of retirement

December 9, 2018

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Hi All

Monday 3rdDecember 2018:

Off to Boac this morning to get Guy’s new ATM card and a SMART phone. The SMART phone is for communicating with our architect and foreman as we are on Globe and it costs them to talk and or text us. Our Globe numbers are still our main contact.

Tuesday 4thDecember 2018:

Even though there is nothing happening at the block there are lots happening behind the scenes. This morning we meet with the architect, site foreman (finalise power and plumbing plans), hollow block supplier (bricks for the walls), coco lumber supplier (for all the supports of the frame work), the well man (digging the well for water) and the aluminium fabricator man (windows & doors). Great meeting with all and the house construction is starting to make some sense.

The first consignment of hollow blocks will be delivered over the next few days and we will pay once done. We have lucked out with storage of materials onsite. There is a partially built house next to our block and belongs to an Italian couple who are away at the moment. They are happy for us to store our supplies in their yard and building. And the Canadians living next to us both will keep an eye on the goods for us.

The coco lumber is being cut and dried at the moment. Delivery later. Meeting the well man tomorrow morning at the block to start the well digging at the selected site.

Paid our council rates today for the next 12 months. Total cost P49 ($1.30 AUS) for our 2,903 square metre block. Bargain!

Nice lunch of tender flavoursome Pork Adobo from a local canteen (P139 ($3.66 AUS = 2 orders of Adobo and rice and a Coke)).

Guy off to Mah-jong for the afternoon (as she does most afternoons) while I gave Ruby her first wash (got caught in a rain storm this morning) followed by a siesta.

Busy busy busy.

Wednesday 5thDecember 2018:

Out to the block to measure up where the house, well and septic will go.

The well construction gang arrived and once the well location was set, they started digging.

The first truck load of 5” hollow bricks arrived. These are for the outside walls with 4” blocks being used on the inside walls.

Thursday 6thDecember 2018:

Off to the block first thing to sort out some materials required for the well. Once all sorted it was off to Boac where we had an early lunch. Back to Gasan and Guy was off to Mah-jong for the afternoon.

Ruby and I went cruising down the coast looking at the local Xmas decorations made from local materials (coconuts, twine, drink bottles, straws, tinsel, CDs, coloured paper, rocks, styrofoam, wire, etc.). Amazing what you can do with an imagination and local materials.

Friday 7thDecember 2018:

60km round trip on Ruby today. Into Boac for her 500km first service then the block for the works in progress.

Guy off to Mahjong after lunch and I had my regular siesta and then caught up on paper work for our block works.

At 5:30pm Ailyn arrived to give Guy and myself our weekly 2 hour massage (cost per person is P350  $9.20 AUS). The first couple of massages did hurt a little as we both were tense. Must say I did enjoy tonight’s as my poor old body is starting to loosen up at last.

Saturday 8thDecember 2018:

Started the day with a pedicure/manicure for us both. The lady does an awesome job with my crusty old toes and finger nails (P120 each $3.16 AUS).

Off to the block to check up on the ongoing works. All good.

At midday it was off to see Gary (AUS) and Rexy (local) who have a house 6 km away from our block back in the hills. They don’t live here but do visit regularly from VIC back in AUS. Had a great lunch and chat with them.

At 4:00pm it was back to the block to pay the workers and contractors for the week’s work.

Sunday 9thDecember 2018:

At last a rest day. Nothing on today so having a very relaxed day. After lunch Guy was off to Mahjong for the afternoon.

I had my siesta, went for a walk to the market for some fresh produce and caught up with John (Pom) for an afternoon tea.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


Day 528 of retirement

November 25, 2018

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Hi All

Monday 19thNovember 2018:

Another busy day. At 7:30am Montemayor picked us up and we made our way to the block. On arrival we meet his three workers who are clearing it for us using a machete (bolo) as their only machinery.
We found all the survey marks so the crew are off and running, clearing our 2,903 square metre block. They work 6 days a week from 7:00am to 4:00pm and get P300 ($8.00 AUS) each per day. They reckon a week should do it (P5,400 – $142.00 AUS in total).
Then off to Boac (18km north and the capital) to get a few supplies especially a microwave. Ooohhh and I also found an awesome motorbike which we bought. It is a red Yamaha FZi (149cc and fuel injected). The Yamaha people had the bike to go within 3 hours so I rode it home (paid P97,800 – $2,580 AUS). Guy caught the jeepney with the microwave and other essentials like a box of tissues.
I had forgotten how awesome it was riding a bike down the coast. Just loved cruising along enjoying the sights and sounds. I love my Yamaha.
Tuesday 20thNovember 2018:
Market day Tuesday in Gasan! Each six town in Marinduque has their own market day. Busiest day for buyers and sellers.

Went to pay our council rates today. As we were late (1 year) we also got a fine. The total amount due was P73 ($1.92 AUS). Yep that is correct $1.92.
In the pic our old nipa hut emerges (middle of the pic) from the jungle as the boys clear away.

Wednesday 21stNovember 2018:

Raining today so caught the jeepney to Boac (20km away) as we had a couple of things to do.

First stop was the PNB (bank). All sorted there. Then off to Phil Health (Private Health cover).

Had a win today. When we lived here in the Philippines from 2010 to 2013 we joined Phil Health. We paid P1,200 ($32 AUS) per year to cover us both. So back to Phil Health today to re-join.
As we are returning customers and both now over 60 years old (Senior Citizens) we get coverage for FREE! Yep free.
But what do you get for free I hear you ask. Basically, we get back half of any medical expenses we incur from Phil Health’s accredited doctors and hospitals. The main hospital in Boac on Marinduque is an accredited hospital as are many good ones on the mainland.
So very happy outcome today.

Thursday 22ndNovember 2018:

Visited the block today to see how the clearing was progressing. Can now stand where the front veranda will be and look out over the beach and offshore island. Looking good.
Then caught up with Montemayor to see the final draft plans. Also looking good.
I would like to introduce you all to “Ruby” (thanks Alina Radbone) my new Yamaha FZi 150cc fuel injected wheels on Marinduque.

Why Ruby you ask?

Ruby is a powerful bike who shields against negative energy. Riding with Ruby one may feel that all sense of limitation has been removed, strengthening courage, joy, leadership qualities and selfless work in all endeavours.

Ruby likes to become involved in many different activities that are sometimes creative and reckless.

Never going to be a dull moment around Ruby.

PS: Huge thanks you all for your awesome suggestions.

Friday 23rdNovember 2018:

Massage day today. Ailyn our massage lady arrived at 8:00am to give Guy and myself a two hour full body massage each (cost per person is P350  $9.20 AUS). We utilised her services when we live here previously and loved her massages.

We were not disappointed. MMMmmmmm relaxed.

Saturday 24thNovember 2018:

Off to Boac to see Scott (American) and Janie (local lass and fiancée) for lunch in Boac. I met Scott at the bus depot on the way to Marinduque. He was on the same bus going to Santa Cruz (other side of the island) to see Janie.

He is an interesting guy who is a retired Archaeologist.

Back for a siesta before heading to the block at 4:00pm to pay the boys for 6 days work at P300 ($7.90 AUS) per day (for the week P1,800 ($47.40 AUS). They are doing an awesome job and have another week’s work to complete the clearing.

Sunday 25thNovember 2018:

House building project hit a glitch today. There should have been a man with a chainsaw to lop down four big trees. But we have now learnt that we may need permission to chop them down.

Back to see Montemayor tomorrow to sort this one out. Also looking for clarification on the Right of Way that runs to our block.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.


Day 521 of retirement

November 18, 2018

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Hi All

Monday 5thNovember2018:

Packing our suit cases for the Philippines and we just seemed to have toooo much stuff. Checked with the luggage scales and we were way over our 30kg each (I had 50kg ish).
Something didn’t seem right.
Discovered that the readout on the luggage scales had flipped over to Pounds. Ddddooo hoooo.
Got plenty of room now. Can add stuff back into the cases. Leaving AUS Sunday.

Thursday 8thNovember 2018:

Final pack today. Got everything packed that we need and came in under our 60kg total.

Off to Sydney tomorrow and staying till Sunday when we leave for Marinduque.

Friday 9thNovember 2018:

Sad day as we left Canberra for Sydney. Had an awesome month in Canberra with Jo, Dave, Zali and Aria. Going to miss the grand kids.

Caught up with Jordan at Dee Why Beach for dinner.

Guy has a Mahjong game tomorrow and I will sort the last of the gear to go into our small Kennards locker. Then fly out Sunday. Philippines here we come!

Saturday 10thNovember 2018:

Guy off to Mahjong for the day. I spent the day repacking for the last time and taking the last few items to the storage locker in Brookvale.

Also called into Battery World and caught up with some old friends for a chin wag

I walked to the Warraingah Mall (20 minutes walk) for my favourite Indian meal, Butter Chicken.

Had a relaxing afternoon with a siesta thrown in. Practicing for Marinduque.

Sunday 11thNovember 2018:

Off to Sydney airport at 8:00am for our 12:30pm flight to Manila. Dropped off the Klever Kluger at the Hertz area and said our sad goodbyes. The Kluger served us well in the last few months of our adventures.

8 hour flight from Sydney to Manila with no stopovers. In the last half of the flight we hit turbulence for about an hour. Both Guy and I were feeling a little under the weather by the time it was over.

Arrived in Manila with all our luggage and was picked up by Beth, Guy’s sister who dropped us off at our hotel.

Monday 12thNovember 2018:

Today we sorted our Philippines driver’s licenses, got our phone plans sorted and back on the air and caught up with the money changer and got some pesos exchanged.
Just got immigration and 2 banks to see before we head back to Gasan (Marinduque) arriving on Friday. Bring on the island life.

Tuesday 13thNovember 2018:

Well after a great day yesterday the wheels fell off today. First stop was immigration to renew my ACR card (Residency Card).

It expired last year so it should be just a straight renewal. While we were away in AUS the last 5 years we weren’t paying the yearly fee and this caused major problems. We were shuffled between 12 different windows/staff with each one telling us something different and contradicting each other.

All we managed to do was pay our fine for late payments (P11,000 = $290) and get my expired ACR card cancelled (interesting way to do it). So now I have to re-apply for a brand new ACR card.

All the requirements for a new ACR has changed since we last did it so back to square one. Will be another trip back to immigration (Manila) at a later date with lots of paperwork.

Then off to the BPI bank to activate a new debit card. In order to do so, we needed the old card’s (not used in 5 years) PIN. So, you guessed it, we could not remember what the PIN was. So back to the bank tomorrow to sort that one out as they have to order a “Special” card to bypass the lost PIN so we can activate the new card.

Aaahhh the joys of paper work…..

Tuesday 13thNovember 2018:

Better day today. Got all our jobs done except the new debit card from the bank. Back tomorrow morning to hopefully get it sorted.

Thursday 14thNovember 2018:

Finally on our way home to Gasan, Marinduque. It is an 7 hour bus ride, 3 hour Ro-Ro (ferry) ride & 1 hour bus ride. Get to Gasan at 3:00am (yes 3:00am). Batle Gil our good friend and hotel owner has organized for one of his staff to meet us at 3:00am to let us into our room. Awesome service.

Friday 17thNovember 2018:

Yeah. We made it “home”. Arrived at 3:00am (a little early) and our concierge was ready and waiting for us. He let us into our room and carried our luggage up three flights of stairs for us.
Needless to say we crashed. Up and about now (10:30am). Got a few things to do but they will get done at “island” pace now. Aaarrrrrr island life. Let it begin.

Well for the last 6 days we have been eating the local food and drinking the local water (intentionally). Today the Delhi Belly finally hit us both. We have been expecting it and it will be good to get it done and dusted now.
Only a mild case so just have to watch what we eat and when we eat it for a while.

Saturday 18thNovember 2018:

Busy day today. Met with a few of the old expats in the morning (Ron & Vicki (Americans) & John (Pom) and Patnalin (Thai).
Then a jeepney ride to see our old place (we lived in for 3 years) with the possibility of renting while we build.
Finally meet with Montemayor our architect for our new house. Had a very good meeting with him and at 7:00am this coming Monday morning, the building starts with the clearing of our 2,903 square metre block.
Montemayor has just recently retired but is happy to supervise our whole project start to finish. So bonus for us.
Let the building begin.

We also locked in Gil’s studio apartment for the next 6 months ish till our house is built. Comes with big open room, hot shower, flush toilet, cable TV, air-conditioning and a generator which is part of the building.

Thanks heaps Gil!

PS: Had our first brownout today. Lasted an hour ish…..

Sunday 19thNovember 2018:

Pampering day today. I had a manicure and pedicure and Guy had the same (P120 – $3.00 in total per person). We had forgotten how good a great manicure and pedicure is.
Guy then had a haircut, colour, wash and blow dry (P300 – $8.00) as well.
Got our dirty clothes washing done by our old washer lady. Had quite a bag full as we hadn’t done any since leaving AUS (P300 – $8.00).
Finished off with a very tasty dinner. Feeling very pampered.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy


Day 500 of retirement

October 28, 2018

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Hi All

Wednesday 17thOctober 2018:

Picked up my new MacBook Pro laptop yesterday. I have spent two days now copying across all the data and applications from the old machine.

Got it all backed up and all my main applications now licensed and working.

I now have all my data on the one laptop and no more external drives required apart from my Time Machine Backups.

Friday 19thOctober 2018:

Well our tickets to return to the Philippines have been booked. Leaving on Sunday 11thNovember. Spending a few days in Manila then back to our island paradise Marinduque and find a place to live while we build our house.

Got a few things to tidy up before we leave, but all good.

Starting to get a little excited now.

Tuesday 23rdOctober 2018:

Out of 18 major tasks we have to complete before moving back to the Philippines (leave 11th Nov), we only have 5 to go.
This includes such things as notifying agencies (Electoral Commission, banks, super providers, etc) of our non-residency in AUS.
It has been a very productive week with some long phone calls and very helpful customer service people (and a few not so helpful).
The best customer service award goes to the RMS office (car & driver’s license stuff) in Queanbeyan (Canberra). Awesome customer service whereby they were able to close off 4 of our tasks in one go.
Looking forward to some relaxing island life sooooon.

Wednesday 24thOctober 2019:
My first trial pack today for our Qantas Sydney to Manila flight. We are allowed 30kg each of checked in baggage. Currently have about 85kg in total. More culling required.

Friday 26thOctober 2018:

Today (Friday) we visited the National Museum displaying a collection showcasing the mighty Roman Empire on loan from England. Awesome exhibition with some extraordinary artefacts.

A monumental marble statue of a Roman magistrate, a frieze featuring a rare depiction of female gladiators, and a fragment of a gilded wall painting from Emperor Nero’s Golden House are among the treasures in the collection.

Sunday 28thOctober 2018:

Quick overnight trip to Sydney. Guy caught up with the girls and of course a game of mah-jong last night. She had a win, so all good.

I visited our storage locker (1.5m by 1.5m locker) to check on our last few worldly possessions. They will be spending the next 12 months in the locker. We will be back in AUS in October 2019 and will sort (throw the junk out) and pack up the remaining contents and send to our new home in Marinduque.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy