Day 977 of retirement working

January 26, 2016

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Friday 25th December:

A huge Merry Xmas to you all.

After a quiet Xmas Eve we had a bit of a sleep in.

The morning was spent with Jordan and Guy before we all went our own ways. Jordan was off with his friends for the day and Guy and I made our way to Canberra to be with Zali, Joe and Dave for Xmas.

The police were out in force (Double demerits) so it was a leisurely trip to Canberra arriving at 4:00pm.

A great Xmas evening was spent with the gang relaxing and eating way too much.

Tuesday 29th December:

Well after 4 days with Zali we are both exhausted. She is one very active 3 year old.

We packed up and headed back to Sydney midmorning. Easy trip back with the Police out in force once again (Double Demerits).

Thursday 31st December:

We both had to work today but after work we made our way to a friend of Guy’s (Fellow Mahjong player) who has an apartment in Neutral Bay over looking the harbor.

We were able to relax and view both the 9:00pm and midnight fireworks show. A pretty spectacular display.

Back home and in bed at 1:30pm. Rather late for both of us………

Monday 4th January:

Jordan bought a desk setup for his room from Office Works today. So we spent the evening putting the jigsaw together.

It was great of the manufacturer to include some “spare” bits.

Tuesday 5th January:

Caught up with my sister Lyn today who is over from WA visiting her kids here in Sydney.

Was great to catch-up with her and my niece Jacki for an awesome lunch.

Tuesday 12th January:

Off to the dentist for the last time. Getting three teeth reconstructed from a combination of decay and old fillings.

All good now. And I still hate dentists.

Tuesday 26th January:

Huge happy Australia Day to you one an all.

After a bit of a sleep in Guy and I made our way to Dee Why Beach for brunch. The place was packed with festivities.

As the restaurants were packed we decided on good old fish and chips for lunch. Still took a while to get them but tasted great with a squeeze of lemon.

After a further wander we made our way home for an afternoon nap.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy