Day 847 of retirement working

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Hi All

Tuesday 1st September:

Huge happy birthday to my beautiful wife Guy. We have been together for 10 years and what an adventure it has been. Looking forward to many many more years of adventure.

Wednesday 2nd September:

Jordan has the day off today as well as me.

He found this awesome DELL gaming PC on Gumtree across the other side of the city for a very reasonable price.

The guy would only accept cash so we both drove over just to be sure it wasn’t some sort of scam. But all good. Jordan was extremely happy with his purchase.

In the process of setting it up (Windows 10) we had a few issues with Wi-Fi. But after some Google searches and a visit to the local Officeworks for some additional hardware Jordan was on line and ready to game.

Wednesday 9th September:

Well today I hit the big 60 and what a ride it has been.

~ To my Mum & Dad (Deceased) thanks for molding me into the person I am today. Awesome job.

~ To my wife Guy who knows I’m a little weird but loves me anyway. Love you my wifie.

~ To my sons Rik & Jas. Very very proud of the lives you have made for yourselves (Includes you Mikey). And to their mum Robyn for being there through thick and thin.

~ To my Brother (Craig), Sisters (Sandy & Lyn), in-laws (Rae & Brian) & all my nieces and nephews. Thanks for being who you are, always there no matter what.

~ To my other kids (Jordan, Jo and Dave (And Zali)) thanks for accepting me into your family as one of you. Also to all Guy’s family who have accepted me as one of their own.

~ To all of you my friends from all round the world. You have all played a huge part in this awesome adventure I have had and will continue to have. You are all awesome.

You’re all the very best, so thank you each and every one from the bottom of my 60 year young heart.

Here’s to the next 60 years exploring lands (foreign & domestic) from the mountains to the sea and the deserts to the rainforests.

Bring it on…….. 🙂

Up early and off to the airport for our trip back to Adelaide. Arrived in one piece and my sister Sandy picked us up.

At 6:00pm we, all the family, meet at a very nice Thai restaurant Suree in Hyde Park for a celebration of my 60 years.

It was great to have all the family together as we are now scattered all over Australia. Did I tell you I have an awesome family?

Thursday 10th September:

Up and off to my Superannuation Fund company to discuss my current investment profile and get some info on the procedure for retiring in a few years.

Had this great guy Derrick who was able to answer all our questions and reorganize my investment profile to suit my requirements for retiring in a few years.

Then Guy had an appointment with the lawyers here in Adelaide to update her Will. Also discovered that my Will also need updating to reflect my current status. So both our Wills are now up to date with our requirements.

Following our meetings, I just happened to drop into Camera House in the central market and the manager had a new Leica Q (his own demo camera).

Anyway after some discussion and a call to Leica (to check that they would replace his “demo”) I walked out the shop with a brand new Leica Q.

Awesome camera and 60th Birthday present from Guy………

Friday 11th September:

Off to collect the van for the road from Thrifty. Picked up the van and on our way back to Sandy’s we discovered the air-conditioning wasn’t working. So a quick call to Thrifty and they arranged a replacement for us to pick up at the airport.

So a quick detour and a check that the new van air-conditioning worked and we were back on the road again.

All of us also managed to catch up with a cousin (Tammy & John) who we haven’t seen for a very long time. Great to catch up and share old war stories.

For dinner we caught with old friends Doug and Wink. Old friends from when I lived in Adelaide.

Saturday 12th September:

Day 1 of the road trip.

Up nice and early and off to my brother’s place to pick up the rest of the road trip crew. Seven of us in total. Me, Guy, Sandy & Brian, Lyn, Craig and Jessa.

We did a quick stop at the cemetery to visit Mum & Dad and let them know that we were on our way back to the old “homestead”.

Eight hours later we arrived at the Kirton Point Caravan Park, Port Lincoln to our two cabins overlooking the bay.

We spent the evening reminiscing as Craig had Mum’s old diary. Craig would mention a date and we had to guess what happened on that day. Some very amusing stories were shared by all with lots of laughs.

Sunday 13th September:

Day 2 of the road trip.

Today we are off to Coffin Bay some 45km from Port Lincoln. We spent the day walking and driving round the small seaside village looking at all the new development and the old “shacks” where we used to hang out as kids.

Lunch was at a very nice restaurant with seafood on the menu. The Coffin Bay oysters were a big hit.

At 3:00pm we arrived back in Port Lincoln for afternoon tea with my ex-wife Robyn and ex-sister in-laws Kerry. We had a great catch-up / chin-wag and caught up on all the local happenings.

We spent the evening reminiscing over Mum’s old diary once again. Lots of old stories from us kids as we remember our childhoods.

Monday 14th September:

Day 3 of the road trip.

Up and off to meet the local Orchid hunters at Wanilla which is next to a section of national park. My sister Lyn is an experienced Orchid hunter from WA so was keen to catch up with the local group to see some SA Orchids.

The rest of the family came along for the ride and to see a few Orchids as well.

It was a great stroll through the bush and we managed to find some very fine specimens of Orchid.

It was then off to Cummins for lunch at the local café. Of course we had to have the famous Vanilla slice from the café, which is the best in the world (Just like mum used to make them).

Also had a stop at the local butcher shop for a stick of good old Garlic Mettwurst.

On the way back to Port Lincoln we called into our Dad’s old farm from one last look. We meet the new owner Les Schneider and he guided us to the high point for a look over the old farm.

Back to our cabins for a quiet evening watching the Tony Abbott demise while consuming Mettwurst sandwiches.

Tuesday 15th September:

Off to Cummins today to have a wander round the town and visit the old school we all attended. After a wander we meet Robyn and she gave us a tour of the school. We looked at the old and new and reminisced over old stories.

For lunch we caught up with cousin Beryl and her husband Merv in their house for a good old Aussie barbeque. We haven’t seen them for years so it was great to catch up on all the local happenings.

On the way home we stopped off in a nature reserve and found a few more Donkey Orchids.

Back to the cabins for a quiet evening.

Wednesday 16th September:

Off west today with the first stop being Farm Beach. This is where I used to go fishing with my Dad in the boat. You launch off the beach and head out to your secret spot.

Then back to Dutton Bay and the old Beach Shack our parents owned there. We all spent many a summer holiday at the shack. Lunch was at the old Wool Shed just down the road from the shack.

I did a quick walk up the jetty to my old secret fishing spot where I spent many a day trying to catch fish.

Back to Port Lincoln and a cruise round the hospital where Lyn worked. Also caught up with Heather our cousin once removed.

Dinner was local seafood (King George Whiting, Flathead & Prawns) and man it was gooooood.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy

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