Day 829 of retirement working

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Hi All

Sunday 5th July:

Had a bit of excitement at work today. The Police turned up and surrounded the drug house next door to us. They asked me to lock the back portion of the shop, as they weren’t sure if fugitives would try and escape out the back.

I was allowed to keep the front door open and trade.

The Police helicopter also turned up and hovered over the premises for a while. Then as quickly as they arrived they left (About an hour later).

Tuesday 28th July:

Drove across the city and picked up my son Rik from Newtown. He is over from Adelaide for a few days staying with a friend.

We drove back to Dee Why then went for a walk down to the beach and rocks. Once Guy arrived home we walked down the Nepalese restaurant in Dee Why for dinner. Once again great food was had by all.

Friday 31st July:

Interesting day at work with the drug house getting raided once again by detectives looking for a guy with an outstanding warrant. He wasn’t there so till next time.

Thursday 6th August:

A new employee Brendan started on Tuesday working at Battery World. So I am now one rung up the ladder.

He is a former bank manager so something different. He has a steep learning curve ahead but all good.

Saturday 15th August:

Guy picked me up after work and we headed to Canberra for Zali’s 3rd birthday party tomorrow. Quiet trip, as I didn’t see a single Police speed trap.

Sunday 16th August:

Spent the day with the gang in Canberra and enjoyed time with Zali as she turned 3 years old. Left at 4:00pm for the drive back to Sydney. Only saw two Police speed traps on the way home. We made good time and drove straight through and made it in 3.25 hours from door to door.

Saturday 22nd August:

Jo, Dave and Zali are in Sydney for the weekend staying in Manly. After work Guy and I made our way to the Manly ferry terminal and met them there for Fish & Chips by the beach.

It was a nice balmy night so a stroll along the beach was in order.

Sunday 23rd August:

Guy, Jordan and myself met the gang in Chatswood for dinner tonight. Went to the Mini Hotpot restaurant for a very yummy dinner.

We each had our own boiling pot and cooked our selection of food in it. We all ate too much but man it was good.

Life is good.

Trevor & Guy.

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